Friday, June 09, 2006

Work-out Woes & Jaws

Okay, I've been SERIOUSLY working out since last week Friday and have gained three pounds!!!!! I tried on my too-tight jeans, fully expecting them to fall to my knees, and guess what? They were even tighter. I'm not sure what kind of cruel trick the Body Gods are playing with me, but do they realize I'm at least trying??? Would it be too much to ask to at least lose a token pound or let my jeans zip???

I bought some of those miracle belly fat shrinking pills, but am afraid to take them as it says on the warning label that they're not intended for folks under forty. What the label doesn't say is what, exactly, will happen if you take them and haven't yet reached that magic number? Do you blow up? Break out in hives?

I had planned to ask my doctor, but just got a letter stating she's leaving what I'd assumed to be a fairly lucrative general practice to work part-time at a midtown free clinic. Huh????? Granted, life isn't all about the money, but I wish she would've consulted me in this decision!! I've been with the woman for ten years and feel betrayed!!! Abandoned!!! Adrift!!! I'm not sure why this news is bugging me to such a degree, but it is. Maybe an ice cream bar would help??

In other news . . . The neighborhood pool is teeming with sharks. Girl sharks. Gnashing, meanie, slit-eyed girl sharks who have suddenly decided Daughter is not fit to look at, let alone speak with. I'm talking girls who have been friends since third grade!!! The whole thing's very hurtful and disheartening. I guess I was lucky in that I really can't recall any mean girls in my high school circle. Or was I flying so low under the radar, as to not warrant this kind of behavior?

Seeing how I'm hardly an expert, my only advice to Daughter has been to try not to let them get her down. She's smart, talented and gorgeous and should enjoy her true friends and forget about the rest. Okay, so now that she's doing great, having a ball with high school cheer and meeting new friends, why don't I feel better about the situation??? Hmmm . . . Maybe another ice cream bar would help??

Speaking of cheer, I just learned the high school coach is a fan of romance!! I promised her a *shout out*, so Heidi Weber, if you're out there, thanks for being such a fun coach and role model!!! Daughter and I both adore you!!!


Camy Tang said...

Aw, sorry about the sharks. I work with teens at my church so I know all about those.

Sorry also about the weight gain! Here's my theory--your muscles are all swollen with fluid from the working out as they work to build more muscle, and once the swelling goes down, you'll be slimmer too.

Don't laugh, I'm serious!

Margaret Daley said...

Laura, I'm still waiting for the pounds to fall off my body now that I've been exercising for a month (this from a girl who doesn't like to exercise and doesn't usually until now). Guess what? I haven't lost a pound and depending on the time and day I weigh I've actually gained one. I'm with you on this one. Is there a major conspiracy out there we aren't aware of?
Margaret, who hopes Camy is right

knoxvilleromancereader said...

Hey I just got back for the get together in OHIO. I wish you and Winnie could have been there it was FUN!

christa said...

I'm still trying to loose the weight from when I had my son(he's 18 now). Jeans have a tendecy to shrink especially if they are just sitting there.
I have been without my internet for 2 weeks. The technician said that it was hijacked(spead english). It's fixed now but I still have to finish the ice cream bars in the freezer.

Laura Marie Altom said...

Cami--I'm LOVING your water-in-my-muscles theory!!! I'm sure that's what's wrong--not the chili-cheese nachos and ice cream I had at the pool!!!

Thanks, too, for the shark hugs!!

Margaret--how much longer till our gym membership is up?? LOL!! I'm seriously thinking of just embracing my fluff and loving myself "as is"!!!

Christy--quit bragging about your fun when I'm having zero!!! LOL!! Seriously, I'm glad you had a great time!! Are you going to be in Atlanta for RWA? If so, I need a hug!!!

Christa!! Yaaay, you're back!! Hugs on your computer woes!!!

Now see, all my weight is baby weight, too, but my kids are just turning fourteen, so maybe it takes a little longer for the baby weight to come off??? LOL!!

Don't you just hate those actresses who pop out a baby and then poof--like a week later, they're back in skin-tight Oscar gowns???

Oh--I could squeeze into a gown, but then it'd explode!!!!! LOL!!!