Monday, September 04, 2006

The Tree's Winning!!!

Tree 15, Altoms 2. Well, Hubby, Son and I started out Saturday on a fairly confident note, sure in our ability to take down the last of the tree. HA!!!!! With Daughter at the OU game, the three of us ended up neck-deep in scummy pond water, trying to get our footing while stepping on hidden branches and mud that'd suck you down to your knees. I've got bumps, scrapes and bruises in places I didn't know I had!!!

The last straw was when Hubby and I were trying to tackle one of the last branches still over the water, and the chainsaw got stuck. By jacking up a portion of the main trunk, we managed to remove the chain, so at least the actual saw was salvaged.

Sunday, we headed out to buy a new chainsaw, figuring we could cut out the old one's chain, then have two, so both of us could be cutting at the same time. Great plan, but seeing how we did start Weight Watchers, we were both too weak from starvation to tackle much of anything beyond unloading our $200 worth of fat free, sugar free, taste free groceries!!!!

This morning, we'd planned to get back to it, but it's raining. Thank God!!! LOL!!! Poor Hubby has developed some kind of itchy rash on his legs, and is wondering if he's caught a bizarre pond scum allergy. I guess if he isn't better in the morning, he should probably go to the doctor.

In other news, I was saddened to wake this morning and hear Steve Irwin had died. When the kids were smaller, we never missed his show. I thought it especially odd as to the way he died. Hubby and I have played with stingrays, and never thought anything of it. They've always seemed like such gentle, harmless creatures. I'm having trouble even picturing how something like this could've happened. Anyway, my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. I'm sure he'll be deeply missed.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Misc. Rambling!!

Ahhh . . . Finally, a delightfully slow week!! Not that I haven't been busy, madly trying to organize and paint and clean for our exchange student, but it's made for a nice change in my usual routine.

Hubby's due home from Canada tonight, and tomorrow, we're planning Attack of the Downed Tree Part Two. It's so ugly, I've been tempted to tackle at least part of it myself, but the chainsaw needs sharpening which is a tad out of my realm of expertise!!

Last night was the first regular season football game. It was neck and neck, with our team down in the last quarter. At 58.6 seconds, we got the ball, then started making crazy-beautiful passes. At 3.3 seconds, we were a foot away from a touchdown, the crowd was going nuts, my baby was jumping and cheering, when splat. The try bombed, and our fans just sort of sat there, stunned that we'd lost. Oh well, it was seriously fun almost getting that miracle!!

Son (who'd painted his face red and blue--joy) had a friend over to stay the night, so while Daughter headed off with the cheer girls for ice cream, Son, friend and I drowned our sorrows in late night Taco Bueno. YUM!!

Which brings me around to my failed diet!! LOL!!! In the grocery store the other day, I bought this book called Fitness over Forty For Dummies. I've got a couple years till I actually get to forty, but I figured what the heck? I feel ninety most days, so why not give it a try? Sadly, it said pretty much what I already know, which is to stop eating and exercise. Ugh. Why, why can't science develop an anti-fat pill???? LOL!!

Anyway, Hubby and I are backsliding Weight Watchers, and lately, we've been getting tons of coupons to join back up. Today, I even got an e-mail!!! Is nowhere safe?? Hubby doesn't know yet, but I'm thinking maybe before we start on the tree in the morning, we should mosey on by a meeting.

Meanwhile, Daughter is heading off for a fab weekend of football and tailgating at an OU game, then on for more fun at her friend's lake house. I want her life!!!! LOL!!!!