Monday, June 02, 2008

I'm baaaack!!

It has come to my attention by a few whiny individuals (you know who you are!!) that I'm a little behind on posts. A little?! Seriously, sorry for the delay!! It's been quite a year! (This pic is of me and Hubby on Mother's Day at the Muskogee Renassaince Faire. These little guys were soooo cute!)

To recap: I started teaching full-time, and writing full-time, and mothering three teens and all that that implies!! I just landed a FABULOUS new teaching position at a school near my house. I'll be teaching Art, and couldn't be more thrilled!!

In family news, Hubby's great and still loving his new job. He's hoping a new contract comes through for work in Japan. Join me in crossing my fingers for that!! Not only would it be fun for him, but with him out of the house, me and the kids play lots more!! LOL!! Both sons celebrated their one-year anniversary at the grocery store where they work. We were proud of them for that. Both are at the moment, single, so ladies, come and get 'em!! Daughter made Varsity Cheer, and now is tumbling!! She's not single. So far, we like the new boyfriend, but he gets grounded a lot, so she rarely gets to see him. Not sure what's up with that. I'll keep you posted. All three kids will be Juniors next year!! Hard to believe!!

On the writing front, I just got a new four book deal!! One, is about a Marine who, after a one-night stand, ends up with twins!! The next three are a series revolving around three women who meet at Lamaze class.

Today, I'm headed to Arkansas to see my folks!! Since the boys are all working, it'll be me and Daughter. She's excited, because she gets to drive!! Pray for me!! LOL!!