Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I Knew Life Wouldn't Stay Calm Long!!

Was it really me just a week ago bragging about how wonderfully calm life's been? BIG mistake!! LOL!!

Heading the trauma train, last week, Daughter's boyfriend of the past year broke up--totally out of the blue. (This is the same guy who gave her the Tiffany's necklace for her birthday.) He then admits he's been doing pot, and that he no longer has time for her!!!! :-O Daughter was initially a sobbing wreck, then things really got interesting when all these other guys started calling, asking if she's really and truly single!! Last night she got an invite to the Holly Ball, their school's Christmas formal!! Um, it's Halloween!!! Anyway, she's doing much better!!

But to insure she keeps smiling, we're hosting a Halloween costume party. Am I a glutton for punishment, or what?? Sunday, we made invitations and stuck them in goody bags with little glow-in-the-dark skeletons for name tags. They turned out super cute!! We then hand delivered most, seeing how I only let the kids invite kids we know. Meaning, I know their parents, so if there's trouble I know who to call!!! LOL!!

Hubby got home from Ohio, only to turn around and head to Connecticut. He said the leaves are amazing! MUCH better than anything he's seen around here, or even in Arkansas where they have a beautiful Fall. Speaking of Hubby, Sunday's his birthday, which reminds me that I need to go shopping!!

Our new sort-of adopted son (we'll call him Son #2--long story!!!!) has been sick with a cold. Bless his heart, he stayed home yesterday, looking miserable. He's on the freshman football team, and I'm sure he wasn't helped by being out in the cold for two hours Monday night. Now, I've got it and would just as soon sleep, but seeing how much I've loafed lately, I seriously need to work!!

I haven't heard anything new from Harlequin American, but when I do, I'll let you know!! ;-)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Weekend Update & Editor News!!

Whew, it's been a crazy-busy weekend, but fun! Daughter's cheer squad won 1st in their category, then we had fun at Frontier City, riding rides and eating waaaay too many forbidden foods!! I screamed so hard on the Wildcat rollercoaster that my chest and throat hurt!!!

Hubby jetted off for a sales thing in Ohio this morning. As usual, I'm not sure what he's doing, but he seemed excited as he wouldn't have his usual workload at night in the hotel. I hope he has fun!

Meanwhile, I've got plenty to keep me busy. I got edits on my anthology, and whew--they're nice and light!!! Drum roll, please . . . I also have an official new editor, Ms. Johanna Raisanen. I've not yet had the pleasure of meeting her, but have heard she's VERY sharp! According to Kathleen, she's been with Super for the past four years. I love reading Supers, so hopefully I'll also love working with a Super editor!!

Kathleen put me in the hot seat, requesting anthology titles ASAP. Usually, titles are fairly easy for me, but this one just isn't coming. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!! Seriously!! LOL!! The story is set at a class reunion being held on 4th of July. Overall themes center around fresh starts. My fave so far is Sparklers and Smooches!!

In other news . . . Granny Sylv has lost her glasses again. I've searched EVERYWHERE!!!! They're seriously gone. Maybe she flushed them?? Considering the fact that she doesn't go that many places, I can't imagine where they've gone. She didn't have them when we dropped her off at the rest home, so I know they're not there. She usually doesn't wear them anyway, it just bugs me to not know where they are!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Blessed Dullness!!

Ahh . . . It's been wonderfully dull around here lately--knock on wood!! LOL!! I've written 22 pages this week, and I think I might've lost one more pound. (I'm weighing in today instead of our usual Saturday morning, and our scale doesn't even remotely match up to WW's, so it's always a crap shoot as to whether or not you've lost!! )

Yesterday I had the BEST surprise in the form of an impromptu coffee meeting with two dear friends I haven't seen in ages. Karen Crane, who's a star of the Harlequin American line and also writes under the name of Karen Toller Whittenburg was a mentor to me before I'd sold to Harlequin. One of the books she helped me with was Santa Baby. The early drafts we played with never made it into the final version, but she helped me a lot with tightening and learning to not being afraid to cut my work. Amy Lillard was also in attendance. She's sold confessions and a wonderful book to a small press that sadly went out of business before her story went to the printer. She's a fighter, though, and I expect to see great things from her soon!!

Rounding out the fun, Thursday night was our bi-monthly critique meeting. I haven't seen the gang in ages, so it was awesome getting together with them, too!!

Today I'm thinking will be crazy busy. Due to our leaving town at seven tomorrow morning, and not coming back till late, I'm taking Granny Sylv to her home away from home. It's a rest home, but set up in a private house. It's a pretty cool alternative to some of the depressing retirement homes we've seen. Getting her out of the house is a MAJOR ordeal. In the past, we've just split up (Hubby and I) rather than move her, but caregiving is taking a toll on the whole family, and we think it's worth the effort to try getting back into somewhat of our normal family routine.

When I read the stats on how the folks caring for Alzheimer's patients are actually worse off the patients, I'd have to agree. It's a horrible disease I wish they'd hurry up and find a cure for. In the mean time, Hubby and I are consciously trying to make the best of this tough situation.

On a lighter note, Daughter's cheering at a big game tonight, so that'll be fun!! So far, our poor team hasn't won a regular season game, but I'm thinking (praying ) tonight's their night!! LOL!!

In other fun news, HOW AWESOME WAS SAWYER AND KATE'S KISS ON LOST???!!! Whew!!!! Daughter and I have been watching it over and over on AOL's TV Pick of the Day. Love, love, LOVE that show!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Whirlwind Update!!

Well, after sickness, famine (with Weight Watchers me and Hubby are both down 12 lbs!!), school angst, book deadlines, and two Chinese exchange students, I'm back!! If anyone's still out there reading--thanks!! ;-)

It's been a seriously crazed few weeks, but I'm hoping things will now settle back into a somewhat normal routine.

In a whirlwind update, my anthology is done--yay!! But my editor was laid off. Boo!! Jen was super sweet and I hope she finds another editing gig soon. I'm now working on a project called Dancing With Dalton, which doesn't yet have an official title, but is a little like Dancing With the Stars, only in a small town setting, minus the stars. LOL!!

Our exchange students were a hoot--even more so since neither spoke much English. There would be lots of times in the car when they'd be chattering up a storm in the backseat, and my son and I would just look at each other like how bizarro is this??!! NEVER have I experienced such an action-packed week. There were activities planned all day every day. The week before, we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. The Saturday they arrived was like the perfect storm of kid events. Daughter had her first cheer competition of the year, at which I worked, starting at 7 AM. We were there till 2 (or driving back and forth, running last minute errands), then went to fetch the China kids from the airport, then went to a big China party that night. On paper, it doesn't look all that tough, but in real life, it was hellish!!! LOL!!!

That Sunday, we hosted a barbecue for FIFTY!!! That was pretty hellish, too, but fun. Everyone seemed to have a great time. Never have I seen so many cameras. The visiting teachers got a kick out of our house, and did lots of posing on my office balcony while more visiting teachers took pictures of them from the street!!

Literally hours after putting everyone on planes bound for Washington DC, I came down with a nasty something. I'm wondering if it's the dreaded e-coli, as I'm the only one who had it. A week later, I'm still not a hundred percent. I just thank God it held off till after everyone left.

This weekend, Daughter has another cheer competition. This time, it's at Frontier City on OK City. Should be fun--at least I hope so, as we're taking the whole crew!! ;-)