Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I Knew Life Wouldn't Stay Calm Long!!

Was it really me just a week ago bragging about how wonderfully calm life's been? BIG mistake!! LOL!!

Heading the trauma train, last week, Daughter's boyfriend of the past year broke up--totally out of the blue. (This is the same guy who gave her the Tiffany's necklace for her birthday.) He then admits he's been doing pot, and that he no longer has time for her!!!! :-O Daughter was initially a sobbing wreck, then things really got interesting when all these other guys started calling, asking if she's really and truly single!! Last night she got an invite to the Holly Ball, their school's Christmas formal!! Um, it's Halloween!!! Anyway, she's doing much better!!

But to insure she keeps smiling, we're hosting a Halloween costume party. Am I a glutton for punishment, or what?? Sunday, we made invitations and stuck them in goody bags with little glow-in-the-dark skeletons for name tags. They turned out super cute!! We then hand delivered most, seeing how I only let the kids invite kids we know. Meaning, I know their parents, so if there's trouble I know who to call!!! LOL!!

Hubby got home from Ohio, only to turn around and head to Connecticut. He said the leaves are amazing! MUCH better than anything he's seen around here, or even in Arkansas where they have a beautiful Fall. Speaking of Hubby, Sunday's his birthday, which reminds me that I need to go shopping!!

Our new sort-of adopted son (we'll call him Son #2--long story!!!!) has been sick with a cold. Bless his heart, he stayed home yesterday, looking miserable. He's on the freshman football team, and I'm sure he wasn't helped by being out in the cold for two hours Monday night. Now, I've got it and would just as soon sleep, but seeing how much I've loafed lately, I seriously need to work!!

I haven't heard anything new from Harlequin American, but when I do, I'll let you know!! ;-)


chrystal casey said...

LOL! you should know by now that you don't tempt fate by saying how great things are (outloud anyway) or saying things couldn't get any worse. You were just asking for it.

christa said...

You know what they say about there being a calm before the storm.
Ah teenage love, so pure, so simple, so sweet, so short lived. At least she didn't mope around for weeks at a time.
So for your Halloween party, are you dressing up. How bout an award winning romance author.
I think I'm coming down with that cold too. I've got the fuzzy head feeling, scratchy throat, stubbed up nose and it feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest. I got my Dec. Americans Tuesday and was reading through what is coming next month and there is this book called Her Millitary Man that looks so good. I am so looking forward to reading it. I would do a happy dance but this pesky elephant won't let me do anything except sit in my chair, in my pajamas wrapped in a blacket.
The main tree I can see from my balcony has no leaves But if I look to the right, there are the trees by the canal and they are spectacular.

Laura Marie Altom said...

Crystal, you are so right about not tempting fate!!! This week has been soooo nutty, I'm hoping maybe next week will be calm again!! LOL!!

Christa, you're too funny!! Your post had me cracking up!! As for my costume, I was a mom with black cat ears!! LOL!! I did also wear my Team Romance T-shirt from me and Margaret's Amazing Race audition.

I hope your cold's feeling better. We're all healthy again.

Her Military Man was such fun to write!! It was originally titled Miss Manners and the Military Man, but no matter how hard I fought to keep it, I was denied. The story is centered around a radio talk show between these two old flames who couldn't be more different in every way--except, of course, for having the hots for each other!! LOL!!

Glad your trees are pretty!! Ours are, too!! I LOVE this time of year!!