Thursday, November 02, 2006

Homecoming, Halloween and Birthdays, Oh My!!!

What a fun, but crazy time we've been having!! Friday afternoon, I picked up Hubby from his Connecticut trip. As luck would have it, I was finally on time in picking him up, only to have his plane be an hour late!! After lunching at Olive Garden, we headed home, and still had a couple hours before the kids got home. Seeing how Hubby would be on hand should the Fed-Ex man appear or the phone ring, I headed to the tub to work on Dancing With Dalton edits. How's that for the ultimate decadent romance writer behavior??!!!! LOL!!

I'd gotten about ten pages done, when Hubby comes in, and says I need to get out as we have company. I rolled my eyes and said, hah ha, you're so funny. Now leave me alone!! These edits are due Monday!! A few minutes later, he reappeared, this time with a squirming dog in his arms--Noodle, my parent's beefy wiener!!!

Surprise!! My parents were in town furniture shopping and stopped by for a quickie visit!! They just bought a new house, and needed a kitchen set. I'm soooo jealous of their granite counters!!!

Friday night was homecoming, and though our team lost, we still enjoyed the festivities.

All day Saturday, Daughter was at a cheer clinic for middle school girls, teaching them cheers. I helped out for a few hours, helping another mom man the snack table.

That night, we had our second annual Halloween party. My pal, Dixie, helped me chaperone, as well as a few seniors from the cheer squad. I was very careful from the invitation stage to only invite kids I knew weren't likely to knock holes in our walls (remember last year??), so aside from one set of crashers who showed up with an electric guitar and amp, the evening was trouble free. In the past, I've done fancy virgin blender drinks, but Dixie and I let the kids handle their own beverages while we relaxed, keeping an eye on the pizza rolls coming out of the oven.

Sunday was Hubby's birthday!!! While the kids slept, we snuck out for a romantic birthday breakfast of cheesy hash browns at Cracker Barrel, then strolled in Tulsa's rose garden. It was a GORGEOUS morning, with just a little nip in the air. That afternoon, Hubby vanished to the guitar store where he spent his gift card on a new guitar. It's pretty, but I don't see that it sounds much different than the old guitar!! LOL!!!

In between getting opening chapters of D w/ D to my new editor, attending football games for Son #2, Halloween, and teacher conferences, I've been working up new proposals. I've had some VERY exciting news from my agent, but nothing's remotely settled yet, and I need to do edits on that work. Trouble is, I'm not clear on what the editor wants, so Michelle's promised to translate!! Cross your fingers for me that I finally figure it out!!! LOL!!!


christa said...

Yeah but if you had been late, his plane would have been on time.
When my sister and bil bought the house they are in now, the first thing they did was redo the kitchen. The house is about 30 years old so the kitchen was very dark. They replaced the floor, the cupboards and the counter. For the counter they used a product form a company called Granite Transformations. This product looks like granite but is not as thick or heavy. It is still as durable as granite but is compressed granite. They also used this product when they replaced the counters in two of the bathrooms.
So did Hubby jam with the party crasher?
A new guitar always sounds better than an old one, not that we can tell the difference.
I have all the faith that you will figure it out.

I think I either drowned the elephant on my chest with tea, chicken soup and Neo Citron or it was too hot for him under the blanket. My son is supposed to take picture of trees for one of his hort. classes, I told him he better get on it before the trees have no leaves.
In the middle of this month I get to do some cat sitting and house sitting for my sister. Now I'm asking myself why I am getting excited to scoop out the litter box while she is vacactioning in Panama.

christa said...

IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE, Her Military Man is here. Happy dance. The Do Not Disturb sign is going on the door. Back when I finish. I'm going to my sister's Sunday, out of town, so I'm glad it came before I left. What great company you are in too.

christa said...

I'm back all done. Another great book.
I think after 281 books some themes are getting familiar. The radio show was a great twist.

Danica/Dream said...

Laura, my sweet! Where are you! I got my IKEA catalog and was thinking of you. I miss you!

OH! And I read one of your recent books on Sunday, shoot, I don't remember the name. But it was REALLY good. The pregnant chef on the run one. :)

christa said...

That sounds like The Baby Bonus with U.S. Marshal Beauregard Logue and Ms. Gracie Sherwood in the series U.S Marshals.
I miss Laura too. She must be busy with Christmas stuff right now. So yesterday we brought the 3ft ceramic Christmas tree down from my sister's, so now my tree is up. It has colored pegs on it and a light bulb inside so it looks decorated, it has a music box that plays Silent Night and also silver sparly paint so that it looks like snow on some of the branches(mainly to hide the fact that it has some cracks at the top)