Friday, March 31, 2006

This and That and a Smidge of GRRR . . .

Hey! I used to blog at (they're archived if you're into that sort of thing), but that was only a short-term gig, so since I've had about eight kajillion lovely folks request more of the ongoing saga of my life, here goes . . .

First off, the major players are Hubby, our teen twins who will be known as Son and Daughter, our mutt Sweet Pea, mini-dachshund Cocoa, super-secret stealth kitty Domino and of course, Granny Sylv, who is Hubby's grandmother and has Alzheimers, which always provides plenty to talk about. Okay, so now that you have the basics, I'll jump right in to the juicy parts!!!!

I spent the day working on a new book proposal. I write for Harlequin American and should've been working on my next book that's due May 1st, but instead, played around with some single title, dark paranormal stuff that's probably not fit for public consumption, but is a great time waster!!! So anyway, spent the day working up what was supposed to be a short synopsis, but ended up twelve pages. Ugh. My agent will no doubt be thrilled, but I seem incapable of writing a short synopsis!!

Son called from China--did I mention he's an exchange student? Getting ready for his trip was a NIGHTMARE, but he seems to have had a great time!! He'll be home tomorrow night, which is good, seeing how his main chore is trash removal and we're all buried in trash, seeing how we're too lazy to gather and remove when, considering the cost of his trip, he's being paid the equivalent of about $500 bucks per minute to do it for us!!!!

Tonight, Daughter shared a babysitting gig, but the money wasn't split. There's where the GRRRRR comes in. I asked her friend how much they made and she said $20. Cool, I said. Did Daughter get her share? The friend shrugged and said she didn't feel like splitting it at the time, but maybe would later. If this was the first time it'd happened, I probably wouldn't be so peeved, but it's like the third or fourth time Daughter's helped without compensation. This has also happened to her with other friends. Now, maybe I'm just not up on proper protocol for this kind of thing, and am getting jacked out of shape for nothing, but it does frustrate me greatly!!! :-/

Speaking of frustrations, angst of the week shall be Pom tryouts which commence Monday. Oh--and signing the papers on our paint loan. (Have I mentioned we live in the fave house in the neighborhood for squirrels, woodpeckers, bluejays and whatever's living in that BIG hole in the garage that Hubby hasn't been able to trap???)

Hmm . . . Does anyone have any Tylenol PM????!!! ;-)