Thursday, February 14, 2013

Transform Your Valentine's Day from Dull to Dreamy!!

My tulips and Valentine hearts!
Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hopefully, all of you reading this are planning a wildly romantic day with lots of flowers and chocolate and cuddling.  Around here, however, in the land of We Have too Many Kids in College, Hubby and I have decided to play this low-key.  He bought me lovely pink potted tulips from Neighborhood Market for $5.88.  I sent him a SUPER fancy emoticon Happy Valentine's text!!  I would say the cost was free, but considering our hefty monthly cell bill, that text probably lands in the $5.00 zone, as well.

While Hubby and I are perfectly content with our "wild" celebration--heck, the day's young, we might still go really crazy and have our fave Hideaway Pizza for dinner--for me being a romance writer, our blase plans feel a wee bit lackluster.

In honor of "Real" romance writers such Dame Barbara Cartland and Danielle Steel, I decided it might be good form to plan ahead for when the kids are finally out of school and I become wildly rich and famous--a cool $80,000,000 should suffice . . . (Listening, Writer Angels?!?!)

With bank accounts bulging, here are my Top 5 Valentine's Day Dream Dates:

Hubby and I chillin' on Bora Bora!! (Image:
  • Bora Bora--Hubby and I wake to find ourselves in the island's finest over-water suite!  We spend our day frolicking in dreamy sun-warmed water. Tonight, our toned and tanned gorgeous selves feast upon fresh-caught lobster and long, lingering looks of love . . .
Picture me and Hubby smack in the center of this hug fest!! (Image:
  • Rent a Zoo--Hubby stroll hand-in-hand through the San Diego zoo.  No one else allowed!!  A snack cart stocked with hot dogs and cotton candy follows discreetly behind us and alongside each enclosure, a zookeeper stands by to hand over sweet, furry bundles ready for plenty of kisses and cuddling!!  (I thought about taking a safari, but that would involve an awful lot of dust and bugs and actually having to find the cuddly animals!!  LOL!!)
Hubby and I debating our next move . . . (Image:
  • Treasure Hunt--OMG--a mysterious stranger arrives at our door, gifting us with a super secret mystery map that we're charged with deciphering.  In true, National Treasure/Fool's Gold style, we bumble our way to unfathomable riches in gold and jewels and priceless antiquities.  For dinner, we picnic on lavish seafood dips and sandwiches before making out atop a mound of Spanish silver . . . 
We're drinking the chocolate waterfall!! (Image:
  • Bring a Movie to Life--Hubby and I are at Willy Wonka's chocolate factory!!  We're ALL OVER this chocolate river!!!!
Our castle's a tad drafty, but we're warming it with love!! (Image:
  • Skiing--Before our kids were so d*mned expensive, we used to ski.  Now that we have unlimited funds, we're upping this sport to a whole new level by skiing the Swiss Alps.  Tonight, we're staying at this castle, feasting on dreamy-creamy soups and filet mignon and twice-baked potatoes.  Flaming-something for dessert!! 
Whew, I'm exhausted, but in a good way!!  LOL!!

All right, fellow romantics, how are you celebrating your special day?