Saturday, June 03, 2006

Big Fun at the Not-So-Big Neighborhood Pool!!!

Oh boy, got some sleep and I'm back!!! Although the reason I got sleep is because my supposed best friend roped me into signing up at a new health club. I stayed two hours, trying out all the gizmos and gadgets and man, am I feeling the burn!!! I was zonkered by 8:00 last night--even missed all my fave Friday night ghost shows!!

BIG excitement at the neighborhood pool!!!!! Daughter has always been pretty, but all of the sudden, she's blossomed into a Victoria's Secret model!!! Even dressed in a perfectly acceptable bathing suit, she has, er, assets I've only dreamed of!! So anyway, we're (Daughter, her friend, and myself) broiling, eating M & Ms and basically bored because none of us are liking the books we've brought, when this teen god of a male strolls up.

This kid was so freakishly good looking and muscular and tanned and gorgeous, I was momentarily stunned!! So anyway, he and the girls start talking. He's two grades ahead of them, but knew them from school. He wants Daughter to go in the pool. Daughter's lazy and says no, she's tired and doesn't want to get wet. (Or, she may just be far more adept at flirting than I've ever imagined!! LOL!!)

At this point, Freakishly Gorgeous Guy picks up Friend's water bottle and squirts daughter. Shooting her this melt-worthy grin, he says, "Now, you're already wet. You have to get in." Daughter giggles and says she's not going to. At which point, Freakishly Gorgeous Guy scoops her into his arms, then carries her halfway around the pool!!!! I'm gaping, Friend's gaping, we're all gaping!! I expected Freakishly Gorgeous Guy to toss her in the pool, but apparently his momma taught him better as he gently set her on the edge of the pool, then gave her a nudge. Whew!!!!! This kid's got game!!

Yesterday, while my ex-best friend and I did lunch and a movie (see above for why Margaret's now my ex!! LOL!!!) Daughter headed back to the pool with another batch of friends. I asked if she saw Mr. Freakishly, and she said, "No, but an even hotter guy showed up and wanted to exchange cell numbers." Sigh. Oh to be fourteen again, only this time around to look like her!!!

Back to the movie Margaret and I saw, I'm still livid!!!! We went to The Break-Up with Jen A. & Vince V.. I hooted and howled and thought consistently, this is a FANTASTIC movie!!! Then, three seconds before the end, I was left with the most disgustingly sour taste in my mouth and wanted to toss popcorn at the screen. But alas, I'm on the pre-conference diet, so I didn't have any. It was the stupidest, most horrific ending for a romantic comedy I've seen since that Sandra Bullock/ Ben Affleck (sp?) flick about the two of them getting stuck in all kinds of bad weather. Darling, right up until the end. At which point, you just kind of sit there, thinking, huh?

What doesn't Hollywood get about the fact that we don't shell out big bucks to go to the movies to be depressed by a film advertised as being a feel-good movie? Stupid, stupid, stupid. I hereby predict that had this movie had a satisfactory ending, it would've made millions, but will now tank. Have I mentioned the ending was stupid???????

Happy Saturday!! I'm off to the neighborhood pool!!! ;-)


Camy Tang said...

I'm so glad you said that about the movie--I've heard other things about it, and now I know not to shell out $10 to watch it on the big screen! I hate endings like that.


Laura Marie Altom said...

I'm with you on bad endings, Camy!!! Have you seen Cold Mountain? If not, DON'T!!!!!

That one dragged me down for days!!!! LOL!!!!

Margaret Daley said...

I have to chime in on the bad movie. Yuck!!!! Definitely a man wrote this romance and hasn't figure out the magic ingredient--happily ever after ending. Duh!!!
Now about this ex part. I can't help it if you want to take half your house with you on a weekend trip and I have a sports car. Next time I'll rent a U-Haul.


Laura Marie Altom said...

Margaret, my love, I'm over the luggage issue!! Now, you're my ex because of making me exercise!!! LOL!!!

Can you beleive that stupid movie is now advertising it's the #1 romantic comedy???? Huh???? How can it be a romantic comedy when they don't end up together?????? Have I mentioned how much this movie made my blood boil? I'm a HUGE fan of Jen and Vince, but the ending SUCKED!!!!!!!!!