Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A MAJOR Thrill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know about other writers, but for me, I have a secret list of must-reach goals before I'll be happy. Big goals include driving a brand, spankin' new Jag, traveling first class to Tahiti, Monaco, Switzerland, England, Easter Island, etc., having one of my book babies debut #1 on the NYT Bestseller list, be invited on one of those "Read At Sea" cruises as a special guest author, go on a publishing house sponsored booksigning tour, buy and renovate an old castle--you know, the usual stuff dreams are made of.

Well, in addition to the Big Boys of dreams, I also have more immediately attainable ones. Selling a YA novel, hitting any bestseller list, selling a new paranormal novel, losing 5 lbs (Okay, I'd be thrilled with one!! LOL!!), being invited to be part of a continuity series, selling an anthology, seeing someone reading my book on a plane or poolside.

Imagine my surprise when--taa daa!!!! Saturday afternoon, Hubby, Daughter and I were schlepping our stuff to our fave neighborhood pool chairs, and had just gotten set up when I got the biggest thrill!!! Setting up right alongside us was a women carrying my April Harlequin American, His Bonus Baby!!!!!!!!! For about 2.2 seconds I was going to play it cool, but around the 2.8 second mark, I blew!!!!!

"Sweetie!," I cried to Hubby, jabbing his six-pack abs (not an entirely accurate description, but I have to live with the guy!!) , "She's reading my book! Look! She has my book!!" To the woman, I cried, "Not to be nosy, or anything, but this is such a special moment for me. I've always dreamed of being out and about and seeing someone read one of my books." At this point, she looks around, no doubt checking to see if she's on Candid Camera or Punk'd. "This book?" she says, holding out my baby. I beamed and nodded and in general made a fool of myself!!

Turns out, she was lovely and gracious and had a friend who was interested in trying her hand at writing romance, so I told her to have her friend send me an e-mail if she had any questions, and that was the end of my encounter. Aside from sitting there, broiling in the sun, stressing over whether or not she liked the book or found it just so-so. Some day--soon, I hope--I will learn to take any given moment for what it is and be happy!!

In the mean time, now that I've met that fun goal, I'm ready for another. I'm thinking the castle thing would be super!!! ;-)


knoxvilleromancereader said...

Ok you realize if you do get a castle I have to come visit!!!!

Camy Tang said...

Oh my gosh that is so cool! I hope that happens to me someday. :) :) :)


Laura Marie Altom said...

Oh, Cristy, my castle will be plenty big for everyone!!! We'll all just hang around the pool, letting my hunky staff pamper us like the princesses we truly are!!!

Not sure where poor Hubby fits into this picture . . . Maybe he could take over my writing, leaving me mroe time for fun?? LOL!!!

Camy--Thanks, sweetie, for sharing this milestone with me!! Yeah, it was pretty cool!! I've got to slow down to better appreciate stuff like this!!

Seeing how you're well on your way to being published, then having your own fun book moments, let that be a lesson to you!!!