Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mansions and Ice Cream!!!

Okay, I admit it, I'm an AWFUL summer blogger!!!

I have no excuse, other than that there's just too much fun stuff going on to be in front of my computer!!! Oh--plus, my office gets too hot in the afternoon, so any writing I have to get done, usually gets done first thing in the morning, and then after that, the kids are up and I want to play!!

Speaking of which . . . Thursday, my gal Margaret and I went to the Parade of Homes. They were pretty and all, but it blows my mind that a $2,300,000.00 dollar home wasn't THAT big. I mean, first off, that's more money than I can even conceive of. The payments are over $15,000 per month!!!! At 6000 sq. feet, utilities are probably going to add another $1000, if not more. Yes, Tulsa's a big town and all, but how many folks around here make that kind of money???? And the reason I ask that, is because Margaret and I take this tour every year, and every year, they put up more and more of these financial giants, yet I haven't seen new multi-billion dollar businesses coming to town that would need appropriate CEO housing!!!

Now, the reason I describe the home as a financial giant, rather than palatial estate is that while, yes, given all the toys like the pool and theater room, I'd move in today, but the home was by no means a palace--I know, because I look!! LOL!!! Remember how I said one of my ultimate dreams/wishes/goals is to buy an old castle and renovate? Well, for 2.3 million, that'd get me a GORGEOUS European castle with a 1000 years' history. I just can't fathom spending that kind of money and having neighbors right next door!!!

Midway through our tour, Margaret and I needed a bathroom break, and other than those outside porta potty things, the nearest bathroom is Braum's. YUM!!!!! If you're not blessed with Braum's ice cream stores in your part of the world--sorry!!! Really!! Because they serve up all kinds of sinfully good treats from ice cream cones and sundaes to double cheeseburgers!!!

While ordering, because my purse had been stashed in the trunk while touring, I pulled out my cell to check messages, and had four. One, from Son wanting to know when I was coming home to take him to the pool, and three from Daughter, telling me my agent had called. Hmmm . . . Always an interesting development.

Trouble is, seeing how my agent's the ultimate Jerry McGuire in female form, this call could have been good or bad. She calls often with phone hugs!!! I LOVE her!!! Anyway, so I called Michelle, (Michelle Grajkowski of Three Seas Literary Agency) and asked what's up? Turns out, the call was great in that Harlequin was offering a new quickie contract for a dance-themed book and an anthology based on a Fourth of July class reunion. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The party was short-lived, though, as the next morning, Daughter woke with a 102 fever. Seeing how she NEVER gets fevers, I called the doctor. But remember how we no longer have a doctor? Well, we had to switch to another woman in the office, who was very nice, but it was weird seeing someone new. I've been battling MAJOR sinus headaches and congestion, etc., so I asked the doctor to look up my nose, too. Daughter had strep, and I had a massive sinus infection. No wonder, I've had the energy of a dead slug!!!! Anyway, we're both now on antibiotic and seem to be slowly perking up. A good thing, seeing how Daughter leaves for cheer camp at 8am tomorrow morning, and she hasn't even started to pack!!!!


christa said...

Glad you and daughter are getting better.
Is that a contract for one or two books? Adance themed book and a reunion story or a dance themed reunion? Either way congrats.
I don't like sitting in front of the computer all day either. Usually I'm on the computer until 11 or 12 (I don't usually get out of bed til 9 or 10), then if it is nice outside I will sit in my lounger on the balcony and read. During the week I have to come in at 2 to watch OLTL. I guess having the pool here I should take more adgantage of it. I noticed my son visiting me more often in the summer because there is the pool.
Oh and then go to one of those Home and garden shows to see the things to fill those financial giant (cause the only people that can afford this ugly furnature are the people that can afford these big houses.

Margaret Daley said...

Christa, I like your day. The next thing Laura and I need to do is a Home and Garden Show. They have a really nice one here.

The thing Laura didn't mention was that the house market in Tulsa is a lot cheaper than other parts of the country so a 2,300,000 dollar house here is probably worth at least 3 or 4 million other places.

We did get a lot of tips on what to do if we ever have money to decorate.


christa said...

Hi Margaret
I think our expesive home are in Niagara on the Lake especilly along the Parkway across from the Niagara river close to the Falls. Last I heard Tom Selleck had a vacation home there.

chrystal casey said...

Congrats on the call and hope your daughter gets to feeling better.

I went to Ireland in 2002 and fell in love with the medieval castles and churches. My dream is the same to buy and renovate an old castle. I saw one listed in the travel magazine for $500,000 on it's own little island. Needed lots of work though. I think even a roof. It would probably cost that much or more to renovate it. I heard that when you did something like that you had to use contractors that used authentic materials. No modern day concrete. It has to be made out of mud, horse hair and blood and I think straw. I think. Rats, I can't remember now. I am going to have to go look it up or it will drive me bonkers. Anyway you get the idea. Sounds expensive to me, but I can still dream

Saif said...

ur writing are very simple.thets why its nice to read.

Laura Marie Altom said...

Hey Christa--my contract's for one dance-themed book, and a class reunion-themed anthology with a dance!! How's that for confusing?? LOL!!! Anyway, both should be fun to write!!

You're life sounds sooo peaceful!!! Yes, you should go to the pool more often!!

Or, you could party crash on one of those fancy Niagra Falls mansion's pools!!! LOL!!

Maragret--there was a thing on AOL a couple days back about million dollar homes, and you're right, ours beat ALL of them. In NYC and Chicago, there were dillapidated two-stories for a million that looked like they haven't seen paint in fifty years!!! Shocking--and a great reason to stay in cheap Tulsa!!!

Crystal--Mmmm . . . an island castle sounds PERFECT!!!! And for only $500,000??? Pocket change!!! LOL!! I'll bet you're right about the renovations having to be authentic, which means big $$$$. Wonder if you did all of that, and then gave tours, how much of your investment you'd earn back? probably depends on the area's tourist traffic??

As an aside . . . Has anyone but me noticed the *C* theme we have going? Crystal, Christa and Christy are my top posters!!!

Laura Marie Altom said...

Thank you, Saif!! Welcome to the family!!