Friday, June 30, 2006

Get Out the Twilight Zone Theme Song . . .

It's baaaaaaack . . .

Like we haven't had enough fun this week, what with Daughter not being very *cheery* at cheer camp, and me holed up in my hot office with line edits, plus ALL day Wednesday being devoted to Granny Sylv getting her hair cut and a new perm (loooong story!!!!), the ghost is officially back.

Okay, for those of you just now joining the Altom household who aren't familiar with the ghost, check out my earlier blog on It should still be archived in the blog section. At the bottom of most entries for a period of maybe a month or two around October, you'll see a paranormal log that'll catch you up to speed.

We live in an ultra-modern house built in the seventies. Lots of tall ceilings, sharp angles and glass--not the kind of place most folks would associate with a haunted house. During the height of the *haunting* last fall, we had a friend of a friend who's psychic come over just to see what's going on. (We had lots of electronics go on and off by themselves, books flying, other small objects flying, ironing board falling, weird lights, etc.) She told us Granny Sylv is going into deep trances because of her illness, during which, she's having *visitors*. Like dead visitors!!!!!! :-O

Around that same time, unbeknownst to us, Granny Sylv was way sick and could very well have been unconscious at times we thought she was sleeping. Initially diagnosed with heart trouble, we took her to a specialist who said it wasn't her heart. Based on her weakness, he suggested taking her to the ER. There, they gave her two quarts of blood, and she's been awesome ever since. (There was a problem with her blood not carrying nutrients.)

Anyway, since the time she's gotten better, all weird stuff stopped. A week ago, however, it started back up with Daughter being alone in the master bathroom when the TV popped on. Next day, Hubby was alone in the living room when the master bedroom TV popped on. Next day, Son was in his room when his radio popped on--to a classical music station!!!! He likes rap!!!! We had a three or four day lull, when this morning I get up to hear son and Hubby having a pretty heavy talk in the master bathroom--at 6 AM!!!!

Son NEVER wakes before noon, and is a mini-version of my engineer Hubby in that he's practical, calm, and doesn't put much stock in the paranormal, so to have him upright and fully alert was a sign of trouble. Turns out, he's been up all night. Hubby and I went to bed about eleven, then Son settled in for a video game marathon, only he says he'd been playing for an hour when the couch moved--liked someone sitting beside him. He ignored that, then seriously cold air hit him. At which point, he said he ran upstairs to my office, which was, as usual, nice and hot. (He said during this whole time, the A/C didn't kick on.) Next, he said the computer started making hissing, crackling noises, then my office got cold. He now went back downstairs to his room to try going to sleep. The minute he got in bed, he said it felt like someone snuggled up against him, and put their arm around him. He said he laid like that for an hour, too scared to move!!!!

Poor kid has finally fallen asleep in our bed. I asked him why he didn't come get us, and he said because he wanted to see what would happen next. That's my little scientist!!! He said it was seriously creepy, but interesting.

Yeah . . . interesting as long as whatever it is stays away from ME!!!!!!!

In other news, Margaret and her hubby left today for Kauai. She doesn't get back till next week Saturday!!!!! :-O


chrystal casey said...

OMG that gave me chills. And you're right, he does sound like a little scientist. I have had my own experiences at a house I previously owned and I didn't want to see what happened next. I just wanted to be left alone. Does he think the ghost is male or female? For some reason, I always thought mine was female.

Danica/Dream said...

I can't believe the ghost is back! UGH

christa said...

I don't rember you son being so curious about the ghost.

Laura Marie Altom said...

Oooh, Crystal, I wanna hear more about your haunting!!! So there were times you were scared for your safety? Or was it just scary? I need details, girl!!!! LOL!!!

Son said he asked who it was, but it wouldn't say!!!

Danica--I know, this is horrible!!!

Christa--the first time this happened, Son never had anything happen. I don't think he believed any of us!!!