Thursday, June 01, 2006

No Sleep, But Plenty of Orange Hi-C!!!

Sorry about the vanishing act!!! But seriously, this has been one of those periods your momma told you about--you know the one . . . Goes a little something like if you don't have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut!!!

Thank goodness summer's here, kids are out of eighth grade and we've finally gotten a new batch of rain!!

Nothing much to report news-wise. The kids have been busy. The neighborhood pool opened last Saturday, so Son's there everyday and Daughter spent four days with a friend at their Grand Lake condo. They both turned out beautifully for the 8th grade formal. Not sure how to get photos posted on this site, but I'll sure try!!

I'm thinking part of my blah mood problem is lack of sleep. I'm exhausted, yet the minute I put my head to the pillow, my eyes pop open and I start worrying!!!! When I think of the horror that was going on at this time last year (we still hadn't yet sold our old house and had double house payments, etc.) I've got nothing to be worried about. Generally, lots of little things. Like each worry is a mosquito, whining around my head!!! Get five or six going and you have a problem!!! LOL!!!

Speaking of worries . . . Did anyone see Oprah's show on Bird Flu? Boy, oh boy, that looks like something to look forward to!!! And then there's the new Al Gore environmental film. Just watching the preview makes me want to puke!!! What was so striking to me was the photo evidence he presents about global warming. I'm thinking it was Mt. Kilamanjaro (sp?) he showed a pic of from like forty years ago, topped with snow, then now, with hardly any snow--ever. I'm hoping that the film doesn't just scare, but tell folks what to do to help on a personal level.

For years, I laughed at the whole global warning thing, but with the weather so odd lately, the issue very much concerns me. Here in Oklahoma, compared to when we first moved here ten years ago, our entire climate has changed. Rain used to be common, now it's something to pray for!!!

Okay, didn't mean to get a downer vibe going here!!! There are lots of things to be happy about!! Healthy, pretty, smart kids!! Darling dogs!! Handsome, smart Hubby!! (If he ever reads this, I'll catch hell for putting him after my puppies!!! LOL!!) Oh--and as of late, the number one thing to be thankful for, McDonald's french fries and Orange Hi-C!!!!! Don't ask how my pre-conference diet has been going!!


Margaret Daley said...

Just as the pool opens the weather actually gets cooler. It's wonderful this morning. I've forgotten what 63 degrees felt like with lows in the seventies these past few weeks.


Camy Tang said...

Aw, I hope you get more sleep!

And I hear you about the weird weather. It's the same here in California.


Laura Marie Altom said...

Hey Camy!! Good to *see* you!! Although, I'm sorry to hear your weather's wierd, too. It is troubling. Even more so, since it's going to take such a collective effort to apparently fix whatever's going on. Sigh.

And thank you, I did finally sleep!! Happy sigh on that!!

Hey Ex-Best Friend!! I'm soooo sore!! But then Hubby and I did just walk LaFortune, which I'm sure didn't help!! You do know I love you, right??

Today was gorgeous, too, which is the only reason we walked. I guess there was a heavy dew and golf course looked silver in the sun. Pretty, pretty!! ;-)