Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hiding from the Gigantic, Medieval-looking Corkscrew Device!!!

Whew, the book's gone, the play's over, Mom and Dad went home and after being gorgeously, top-to-bottom cleaned and polished, the house is once again trashed and I feel run over by one of the steam rollers parked in front of the mail box!!!!

Seriously, I've got the energy of limp and sticky overcooked pasta!!!! Now, on any ordinary weekend, this wouldn't be an issue, but on this particular weekend, Hubby's got a ten-pound bee under his bonnet. Ugh. Seeing how our backyard is a mud pit (dust pit if it hasn't been raining for three days!!), we're all wanting a deck. This is a pricey, labor-intensive goal I'm willing to wait five or six years for. Hubby, however, wants a deck NOW!!!!!!! Like today!!! Well, actually, he wanted it yesterday, but after he'd spent his Christmas Lowe's gift card on posts and concrete, then rented some gigantic motorized corkscrew thingee for digging post holes, it poured. No--it didn't just pour, freshwater lakes fell from the skies in gushing torrents.

In Hubby's defense, he had just watched the Weather Channel, and it looked as if the rain was moving out, otherwise I'm sure he would've tabled the project one more weekend.

But seeing how my goal for the day was hiding in my office playing my new Sims 2 expansion pack, I was loving the rain--that didn't move eastward, but stalled directly over our house. Pouring and pouring. At which point, Hubby paced the house, rumbling and grumbling about how much the medieval-looking, gigantic corkscrew thingee was costing and how was he going to ever get it back in time, etc. etc. Never have I been gladder to have a son, as the two men of the house stayed out there working until lightning started. At which point, Hubby stormed back into the house to scowl. He did perk up after a trip to the grocery store for cheeeezzzzy-potato and grilled burger fixings. YUM!! Meanwhile, Daughter, Cocoa and myself tried hiding as much as possible!!

Now, I thought once darkness fell, I'd be safe from toil. Wrong! Both kids had parties to be picked up and delivered from. Plus, Son's party was a birthday, meaning I had to go get cash to hand out to kids I've never even met!!! Hubby, meanwhile, had collapsed somewhere in a muddy heap. Poor guy. He did look beat. Plus, I'm pretty sure he broke his toe, but is too manly to go to the doctor. Speaking of his manly ways, he looked sexy wielding that massive power tool!!! LOL!!! ;-)

At eleven, rain still falling, it was time to pick-up the kids, plus one extra who needed a ride home. He had the sniffles REAL bad, and I'm praying it was allergies and not a contagious head cold, seeing how I've got another stress-filled week ahead. Will this school year ever end????

In the mean time, I've got to go find a new hiding place!! Hubby's got the medieval corkscrew thingee till noon, and I can't chance getting caught, then roped in to help!!! I'm a girly girl!! I decorate decks, not help build them!!! (Snort!! In my dreams!! Actually, as an only child, I spent many loooong weekends acting as my dad's *son*!! I know my way around tools a little too well!!!) ;-)


christa said...

Yeah but if you do end up helping him, your suggestion are just wrong. LOL.
I got my June Americans Thursday and am on my third one. One more month til I get To Catch a Husband and Charity sounds like the perfect h.

knoxvilleromancereader said...

Ok for some reason I couldn't figure out why there wasnt anything new. well it helps if you refresh! Duh sorry haven't been around it's been hectic!

Danica/Dream said...

Have we discussed our mutual love for Sims yet? Ahhhh.... Sims....

Laura Marie Altom said...

Christa, doll, you obviously know men!!! LOL!!!

You're going to LOVE the July batch of Americans--at least I hope so!! :-) Charity was BIG fun to write!! That's the last of my series and I wanted to include another female marshal. She reminds me of Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality!! ;-)

Christy, my love, there's no end-of-the-year-plaque for perfect attendance around here!! LOL!! I'm just glad to *see* you whenever you get the chance to drop by!! Trust me, I know the hectic feeling and it's not good!!!

Dream, sweetie, I never knew you were a fellow Sims junkie!! It's a horrible affliction!!! No matter what I do, I can't get *Open For Business* businesses to make money. The kids tell me to just cheat, but I'm a purist and must play by the rules. Hmm . . . I've got to work on that!! LOL!! Certainly, I'd have more fun in all walks of life!!! ;-)