Friday, April 14, 2006

Yaaay For Fun News!!!

Yaaaay!! I've felt really awful about being so cranky lately, and apparently the Big Guy Upstairs must be sick of hearing me whine, too, seeing how we've finally had some fun news!!!

And no, our road still hasn't been paved and the painters and jack-hammerers are still pounding away!! :-(

First up, some folks who owed us money paid--early and nearly double what was due!!! Seeing how after paying taxes, we're still on a starvation diet of Ramen noodles, getting surprise money was a VERY good thing!!! Easter dinner is saved!! Second--and while this may not seem like a big deal to a lot of folks, I was pretty, darned excited!!!

Drum roll, please . . .

Yesterday, I was slogging away at my daily pages, hot as the devil, seeing how all the doors and windows had to be closed due to road dust and I'm too cheap to turn on the AC this early in the year, I was barely awake when I heard the fun little click signifying I'd gotten an e-mail!! Yaay--entertainment!! (Yes, my life really is that dull!!! )

Anyway, the e-mail was from the top editor of the series romance line I write for--Harlequin American. **Back story alert** Every year at the national Romance Writers of America conference, there's one, giant book signing hosted by a literacy organization, proceeds of which go to help promote literacy. Then, throughout the conference, publishing companies host lots of baby signings just to give away books to promote their authors and the publishing house. A lot of times, they're also used to promote new lines within a publishing house. Usually, they involve Big Name authors, and whit Harlequin, lots of fun promo goodies and food are given away along with the signed books. Conference attendees LOVE free stuff, so the lines are usually pretty long. Anyway, the Powers That Be at Harlequin have decided to host a signing to promote Harlequin American. This all by itself is HUGE, and speaks well for the general health of the line!!! Now, here's the REALLY exciting part . . .

Apparently, only the four American authors who have books out in July are participating--and I'm one of the four!! EEK!! Now, I've been told this was a significant month for the line, but didn't really think all that much about it. Guess I should've listened!! Wanna know who the other authors are??? Pamela Britton!! (Totally cool, adorable, talented best-seller!!) Mystery author. (She was listed in the e-mail, but I think it's by pseudonym as I didn't recognize the name. I'll let you know soon as I find out.) And--if you have a weak heart, fortify yourself now--Debbie Macomber!!!!!!!!!! In case you've been off visiting Mars, she's a multiple, multiple New York Times best-seller and amazingly talented and savvy and ultra-sweet to boot!!! I'm not worthy of breathing her air, but am very much looking forward to it!!! Oh--and to getting my free promo goodies without even having to stand in line!!!

In other news, Hubby's safely back home and Daughter's first cheer clinic went great, but have I mentioned I'm getting to do a book signing with Debbie Macomber????

Oh my gosh--now, I have to start a new diet and decide what to wear!!! ;-)


christa said...

The other author for July is Marin Thomas. I finally got everything straightened out with harlequin and got my sub for American. I got my April one the last week of March and my May's last week(I only requested the sub late Jan.) I like to check upcoming releases to see what I have to look forward to.
Congrats. You deserve it.

christa said...


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Laura Marie Altom said...

Thanks, Christa, for solving the author mystery!!! I've not met her, but guess I soon will!! ;-)

Thanks for the Happy Easter, but it was overall, pretty icky. How was yours?

Margaret--thanks for the congrats, but really, it's probably just a case of luck more than anything I did.

One fun note I forgot to mention is that after the signing, there's lunch with each other and the editors!!! Nothing makes me smile quite like free fancy lunch!! God bless Harlequin!!!