Sunday, April 02, 2006

Son's Safely Home!!!

Yaaaay!! Son is finally home!!! He gave all of us the most AMAZING hugs at the airport--like he really does love us!! His plane was supposed to land at 10:25, so we left in plenty of time. Got there by 10:15 (we never go too early now that you have to pay for parking over thirty minutes, plus, there's nothing to do and no place to sit now that security is so tight). Anyway, we were just parking when Daughter's cell rings and it's Son, asking where we are. He's been there since 10:00!!!! We were the only parents not there!! :-( I guess since Hubby travels so much, we're used to the airport, and Hubby NEVER gets in early.

We had a pretty bad storm about thirty minutes later that started just as we rolled in the driveway from getting Son's requested Taco Bueno!! Hubby thinks the pilots deliberately gunned it as to miss the line of storms. Thank goodness, as the airport was damaged!!!! An airport hotel even had to be evacuated!!!

Back to Son's happy homecoming, though, he brought us all kinds of wonderful goodies, as did his host family. Lots of pretty silk scarves and jewelry. My fave is a little kimino-shirt for my cell phone!!! Daughter got a cell holder, too, but hers isn't quite as cute as mine. Seeing how I rarely even use my cell, I told her she could have the cutest, but that I reserved the right to snatch it back for fashion-important events!!! Snort!!! Like I attend sooooo many!!! LOL!!!

Oh--MAJOR trouble brewing in that a certain female friend of Son got a VERY cool Mao Tsetung (sp?) backpack/purse. It's camo green, and just ultra cool in a weird sorta way. Me and daughter both want it BAD!!!!!!! Goal of the day is to figure out how to get Son to give something else to this girl, so me or Daughter can keep the awesome backpack!!!!

Shout-out time to my best bud, Margaret Daley!!! (She writes inspirational romance for Harlequin's Steeple Hill line of books, and should've been listed as one of my fave recurring cast members!!! .) She called yesterday to tell me she'd finalled in the Holt medallion--a VERY hoity toity awesome writing contest to be a finalist in!!! Yaaaaay!!! I didn't get a call--booooo!!! But then, seeing how I didn't enter, I'm not too torn up. Contests are expensive, plus I ran out of books, meaning just to enter, I'd have to pay entry fees, plus buy twenty bucks worth of my books, so since money's been disgustingly tight this year due to Granny Sylv issues--looooong story--I'll just live vicariously through Margaret's glory!!!


christa said...

Yyyyaaayyy, I found you.
Sounds like Son really missed you.
I have a lot of cool things from my sister went on her trips. I can't remeber exactly what she brought back from Korea when she and my bil went there for 5 weeks. I know it was something small because they used backpacks and stayed in either hostel or my bil's relatives.
BTW I have a blog over at harlequin now with that 100 book challenge.

christa said...

Let's see if this works now, the first time it didn't(and you thought your experiences with the computer are sad).
Yyyyaaayyy, I found you.
It sounds like Son missed you.
BTW I have a blog over at harlequin now with the 100 book challenge.

Danica/Dream said...

Laura, love the blog, and so glad I can now get my Laura fix. :)

Laura Marie Altom said...

Oh, yay, more *company*!!! Hey Christa and Dream!!!

Christa, Margaret was telling me that I had to put on some kind of spam filter, which I did, but now, all comments come to me and then I get to pick if they're real poster-people or someone trying to sell me a penis implant!!! Anyway, I guess because of that, your posts won't show up right away. Sorry.

Very cool that you have a blog!! I'll be sure to stop by!!

Dream--how long till Atlanta????? I can't wait to see you!!! ;-)

Laura Marie Altom said...

Christa, I think I just fixed this thing so posts show up, but if I get penis mail, I'm forwarding it to YOU!!!! LOL!!!!

christa said...

I have been to other blogspot blogs and they said that the mixed up, weird letters acted as a spam filter.
When will they get the message that I don't want a n implant and that I don't want the little blue pill.
I figured it was a way to filter out crude posts.

Synner said...

Woo-hoo, I found you too!

Just finished "Temporary Dad" and loved it. I enjoyed it so much in fact, that I'm trying to track down your other books.

Funny stories. Can't wait to hear more about Grandma Sylv. I lived with my Grammy who has dementia and now in an assisted living apartment.

Margaret Daley said...

Yeah! You got your sign in comment area fixed. Now you won't get any spam. But then sometimes spam was the only comments I had. I'm glad that your son is home.


Laura Marie Altom said...

Christa--I think the wierd letter things are the filter, I just had another wierd filter setting on, that I think (hope!!!) I've since fixed!!!

Synner--have I mentioned how much I love you!!! Thanks so much for enjoying Temporary Dad!!! I thought it was a fun romp of a story, but I just got a NASTY comment from a B & N reviewer who apparently doesn't share our opinion!! LOL!!!

Hey Margaret!! Yep, Son is home, and the living room has become an official state/province of China (is that what they call their places???) Anyway, when Pom week's over, we'll have to spend the next week going through it all!!! ;-)