Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Black Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday . . .

Gimme a G

Gimme an R

Gimme another R

And another R

What's it spell?


Which pretty much sums up the past few days!!!! Let's see, where we last left off in the Altom's continuing saga, one of the youngest Altoms--or, would that be Altours according to the painter?? --was trying out for high school Pom. Well, that mission was a bust.

Daughter was pretty bummed through the weekend, but has since rebounded--thanks in large part to massive quantities of sleepover guests and junk food--and now wants to go for the cheerleading squad. I'm not sure my heart can take it!!

Meanwhile, the road crew has torn our road down to bedrock--literally. I've never seen a road constructed like this--outside of say, maybe backwoods Peru. Every day, trucks come to dig up more dirt, haul it out. Bring more in. Haul it out. Another big dozer thingee then comes to rake it into these giant crumbles it's tough to even walk through. My car literally hasn't been out of the garage in a week. Thank God Hubby's out of town, so I can use his Jeep. Sadly, the road is in such horrendous shape now, that the Jeep couldn't even make it down.

I lunched with Margaret, and to get back to the house, had to park a half block away, trek through a forest area, hop down the three-foot dirt ledge to our road, then scramble up three feet to get to my front walk. Our nice, custom stucco mail box that matches the house has been wrenched out and is now in the middle of the front yard. As are the sprinkler heads.

The road is so bad, the painters left early, because they were afraid they wouldn't be able to get out. Now . . . Painter Joe is fairly hot, so he can stay, but the rest have to go!!

Feeding Granny Sylv her lunch, it occurred to me that if she needed an ambulance--which she has since she's lived with us, they couldn't get down the road!!! They'd have to airlift her out!!! I told her I was going to call someone just to rant. What's she do? Start giggling and ask if she can watch!!!!

I did manage to find someone to talk to, but all they could do was forward my number to someone else, promising they'd call back real soon. Right. We live on a mega-quiet street with only four houses, so I'm thinking they seriously don't care when our road gets done. It's great that we're getting new roads, really, it is. But does it have to be this painful???? ;-)

Oh--and have I mentioned the road is now empty with no work being done? It's just a big pit of giant, impassable crumbles of red clay. The new neighbors have a landscaping truck that's pinned in. Guess they'll be staying the night. Hmm . . . Wonder if any of them are hot??? (Don'tcha know male eye candy makes everything better!!! )

As for writing, I'm so wound up over so many things, it's a wonder I've gotten anything done, but have managed to get a few chapters further into my May 1st book, so that's good.

Sorry to be such a whiner, I'd just really love for something happy to happen--like maybe seeing the blacktop truck come barreling down the hill!!! ;-)


christa said...

Of course I liked it.Loved the fact that Gracie didn't know how much danger she was in when she kept escaping from Beau until he was shot.
I hope they have some sort of emergency plen set up for you road.
I noticed a lot of times they tear up a road one year to fix it and then tear it up the following year to repair the sewers. It's so nice to see all those tax dollars so hard at work.

Margaret Daley said...

Sometime in the next month or maybe year you will have a great, brand new road. Meanwhile keep your eye on the painter.


Laura Marie Altom said...

Christa--bite your tongue!!!

If we're dealing with a dirt road for a year, I'll storm City Hall with a big bag of dirt, dump it on their desks and see how they like it!!! (Not really, but it's fun to think about!!) ;-)

The road's worse than ever, yet everyone else in the neighborhood had their's paved within a week. This is our second full week of not just dirt, but BAD dirt. Now that Hubby's back, and will be driving his SUV, I seriously don't know how I'm getting the kids to school next week.

Margaret--I'm liking your plan. Painter Joe just pulled up--YUM!! (God help me if he ever came across this blog--highly unlikely, but I suppose, theoretically possible!!) ;-)