Friday, April 07, 2006

Please God, Let Them End--Pom Tryouts, That Is!!

Okay, it's 5:20am here and I'm so angst-filled I couldn't sleep--my raging sinus headache wasn't helping, either!!! Anyway, I figured I might as well get up, knock out a quick fifty pages, or so, then I won't feel so bad about my looming deadline, right?? Heh, heh, heh.

Thank you for all those silence prayers!! They must've worked great as the road crew has mysteriously vanished for two days!!! (Although all the scary road worker machines straight from Mad Max are literally still parked at my front door!!!)

Yesterday morning, it rained for a whole ten minutes, so the painters knocked off, too. I had four delicious hours of silence yesterday afternoon, and did manage to get ten pages done, but I needed more like thirty. Oh well. I am pleased with what I've got, but I need to twisto/chango something plot wise to give my characters as much angst as I have. Hopefully, please God, that'll come today!!

In other news, Daughter and I have been at school every night this week from 4:30 to 9:00, which is probably why I'm exhausted--reality show withdrawal!!!! Plus, last night, Hubby said the vast majority of my Survivor tape was preempted by tornado warnings. Which leads me into another angst-ridden topic . . .

Last night was the first of the two-night Pom process. Like the compulsories in ice skating, last night, the girls did technique-type stuff. How many times they could leap while twirling, etc. They paired up, got in two rows, then went at it. Sometimes all across the floor at once, sometimes individually. Sometimes, Daughter nailed her stuff. Other times . . . Well, let's just say I was craving a green appletini REAL bad!!!

Right in the middle of me leaning over to whisper to my pals Karen and Dixie that if I fainted to please remember to call my Hubby to remind him to tape Survivor, the tornado sirens went off!!!!!!!!! Like the situation wasn't already tense enough???!!! We had to have a tornado arrive in the middle???!!! Interestingly enough, we took shelter in some fancy, schmancy auxiliary locker room under the bleachers that must only be used by elite male athletes. This place was seriously swanky!!! Plush navy carpet, lovely oak uniform cubicles, shiny new weight equipment, posterity photos of bygone teams. I felt like I was in the school Twilight Zone. Someone please remind me to fire off a stern letter to someone about injustice of this room!!!!!

Anyway, where was I? Oh--back to the twirly part of tryouts that resumed once the tornado apparently got sucked back up into the cloud . . .

Tryout attire: Since none of the tryout ensemble I'd selected for Daughter was deemed acceptable, I checked her out of school for lunch and her planning period, so she could pick out her own suits. We ended up at Victoria's Secret!!!!!!! Who knew they have cute workout clothes--not me, seeing how I couldn't fit one arm into the itty-bitty shorts she picked!!! If they're bonus points for cute, she wins!!! Yaaay!! As for those jumpy, pointy, split-thingees, I'll let you know as tryout results are posted tonight. Dear God, is 5:30 am too early for that green appletini???

I hate that I'm so wrapped up in all of this. I don't like to think of myself as *that* kind of mom. But what it comes down to for me is seeing how excited Daughter is. Whatever choices she makes in life, I want her to be happy. If she does make it, we'll have a big party, then, by next week, I'll probably be grousing about too many parent meetings and everything costing too much. If she doesn't make it, she's been scouting cute tennis skirts, and seeing how the high school tennis coach we met at incoming freshman open house is waaaay cute, as are the guys on the team, I'm sure she'll be happy with that, too!!!! As an added bonus, all the money we'll save can fund more green appletinis!!!

See? I'm feeling better already. Sudafed's kicking in, my breakfast bowl of Ramen noodles are ready for consumption. All is well--or would be, if only the painters and road crew weren't due at my front door in an hour!!!!! ;-)


christa said...

I think that is all we want for them is to be happy(we may not approve how they get there)
You notice I am doing these posts later and later, cause I know I'll never get those scambled letters right.
Just finished The Baby Bonus yesterday(see I was to busy reading to post) and now I have to wait til July for Adam's story. In Perfectville it would be out next month(see I'm not that greedy)

Laura Marie Altom said...

Aw, Christa, I've been craving something happy and your post was it!!

Thanks sooooo much for your sweet words!! Glad you enjoyed the book--at least I'm assuming you enjoyed it, seeing how you're looking forward to the next installment!! ;-)

You're right about us wanting our kids to be happy. The older mine get, the tougher it is to just stand back, and let their lives unfold. My own rejection is much easier to take than someone rejecting my baby!!! ;-)

P.S. I feel your pain on reading those scrambled letters!!!