Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ant Invasion!!!!!

It's Wednesday.

Midway through cheer week.

Between waiting for my May royalty check, waiting for my editor to read my newest batch of proposals, waiting for the eight-thousand concrete trucks to leave our road and waiting a little longer still to see if Daughter has a happy weekend or is yet again thrown into a pit of despair, my stomach's on FIRE!!!!!

To counteract the fire, plus fit into summer conference clothes, I've walked the three-mile trail in a nearby park for two days. That's all well and good, but I'm so exhausted afterwards, I've pretty much done nothing but sit and stare glazed and sweating at the computer.

Last night, it was time for bed, and still fretting, I couldn't sleep. ARGH!!! I did finally get some writing done, though, on a hot new proposal. So at least something positive came from the wreckage that's become of my mind!! ;-)

Oh--and my desk has ants!!! Just my desk. Have I mentioned how much I despise my family's habit of eating and drinking at my desk, then flitting off to do their thing, leaving their food and drinks and candy wrappers and various other flotsam???? Does Nora Roberts have to share her desk??? I think not!!!

On a lighter note--anyone out there watching 8th & Ocean on MTV? My lord, what a good looking bunch of youth!!! A couple weeks ago, Daughter and I were pacing the mall, waiting for an opening at the pedicure place when we saw Britt on a Gap poster. I hereby predict, if she ever gets over her thing about not being too sexy, she'll be crazy-famous!! Oh, and the twins, Kelly & Sabrina, are in a contact lenses ad. I'm so mad at Kelly for not giving sweet Sabrina her messages I want to spit!!!! And Vinci. Whew. I want to spank the boy for bad behavior and just plain throwing away a BIG buck career!!!!! The child's criminally hot, but his attitude sucks.

In other news, my folks just bought back a lake house they sold like ten years ago. Mom celebrated her birthday. My grandfather was in the hospital for a mystery illness he now seems to have mostly recovered from, but is having more tests. And Son got new rubber bands at the orthodontist that are so tightly woven through the brackets, he literally can't speak. His teachers will be thrilled!!!!! (Assuming he wears them, which I highly doubt!!!) During my parental update at the orthodontist, they praised his brushing and wearing of rubber bands.

We left the office and I said to him, "You haven't worn a single rubber band since your last appointment--and you NEVER brush without me screaming."

Skipping with joy, he grinned and said, "I know! Isn't this great? Someone Upstairs must be smiling down on me!"

Don't you just love teenagers??!! ;-)

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