Monday, May 15, 2006

Is Monday Morning too Early For a Nap?

After an amazing weekend--which I'll get to in a minute--I should be smiling, right?

Well . . . I guess this is a sign I take my reality TV a tad too seriously, but I'm still boiling over the Survivor outcome!!!!! Hubby's name is Terry, so naturally, hunky, gorgeous, smart Terry on the show was the guy for me!! I wanted him to win soooooo bad!!!! GRRRRR!!!!! LOL!!!!!

Okay, guess it's time to let his loss go, but I fear I'll never truly recover from the pain!! I love you, Terry!!!!! You, too, Hubby!!! LOL!!!

Moving on to other business, after a mad dash of printing tags for promo goodies, then packing, I finally made it into Margaret's gorgeous, but itty-bitty car Friday afternoon. Whew. (If you're late chiming in, Margaret Daley is my best writing bud. She writes for Harlequin's Steeple Hill line.) Anyway, first thing out of the house, she yelled at me for having too much stuff!!!!!

Now, I'll be the first to admit to being a high maintenance girl, but all I had was Hubby's icky-foo, teeny-tiny, black overnight bag. We have lots of pretty luggage with matching carry-ons, but I took the boring stuff, because it's smaller. Did Margaret pat me on the back for packing lightly???? Nooooooooooo!!!! Thirty minutes down the road, I was still catching flack for the rest of my stuff--all of which was work related!!!! Next trip, I'll just bring my hooker hair and clean underwear!!! ROFL!!!!! (My hooker hair is this great hair extension I wear for parties. I suppose it would also work for not washing my hair on weekends. Just slick dirty hair back and clamp it on!!!) Margaret, sweetie, if you're out there, you know I love you, right??? But I've got to have my pillow and hair stuff!!!! LOL!!! ;-)

Okay, so four hours later, we were standing outside Whataburger in Breckenhookenwokkaville (sp?), Texas to meet our Red River Romance Writer escort, a woman named Debbie Calloway. I believe she blogs and writes as Debra Calloway, but wow, what a neat, sweet, talented, gorgeous woman!!!!! We followed her into Wichita Falls--a good thing because Margaret and I tend to get lost. Oh--we figure it out eventually, but like the time we wound up at the Shreveport City Jail at 2:00 AM, our detours aren't always so pleasant!!! LOL!!! But back on topic, having safely and uneventfully arrived at a beautiful historic bungalow, we met our hostess for the night, another equally beautiful, smart and talented woman named, Jackeye Plummer. Shortly thereafter, we met many more cool folks!! Darese, Mary Beth, Sue, Ardella, argh--I know I'm leaving people out!! It's calorie-overload!! Those Texans know how to feed company!!

So Friday night, we had a delicious potluck, then Saturday morning, Margaret and I woke to a beautiful spread by Jackeye. She'd set a gorgeous table!! I'm talking juice glasses, water glasses, tea cups, etc., plus biscuits with three kinds of jam. Yum!! Next, we met up again for RRRW's chapter meeting where Margaret and I gave our speech on "Falling in Love Without falling Into Bed".

At the meeting, we met up with a writer named Karen Kelly. I've been thumping my head, trying to remember where we've met, and then it hit me. She's a Gemster!!!!! Online, I've known her forever!!! To be a Gemster, you have to have sold a book to a line of romances Kensington published, called Precious Gems. Anyway, I'm thrilled to have solved that mystery. Just wish I'd've remembered sooner so we could've reminisced!!

After a yummy, deli-style lunch with our new friends, then the long drive home, Margaret dropped me at my front door. Whew.

On to Part Two of the weekend--Mother's Day. Greeting me on the front porch was a waaaay pretty, bird bath fountain I've been wanting!!! I yelled at Hubby and kids for spending too much, but it's gorgeous!!!

Sunday morning, after Hubby served me delicious breakfast in bed, then I had a nice, long chat with my mom, the kids gave me more great stuff!!! Son had made a giant card out of a scrap booking kit's photo album. He filled it with lots of goofy-fun pics and quotes. Way, way cool. Next, Daughter had made me a coupon book. I now, at any time, whine-free, get her to clean for an hour, give me a hug, feed Granny Sylv, do her cheer stretches, cheerfully give up the computer, etc.. I can't wait to start putting her to work!!! LOL!!! Both gifts made me teary. I love my babies!!!!

After a leisurely morning, we headed out to see Poseidon. Josh Lucas was HOT!!!!! The movie was so-so, but he was HOT!!!! Hubby was ticked that the hot girl he liked croaked. Sorry, hon!! LOL!!! Have I mentioned Josh was HOT??!!!

From here, I planned to garden, but instead lounged in bed with Daughter and Cocoa, watching more movies while Hubby and Son worked on the deck. The Fog turned out to be way better than I'd expected and Shopgirl left me sad. I agreed with the ending, but it put me in a melancholy funk. A couple hours later, the Survivor finale left me devastated!!!!

Whew, and here we are, back at Monday morning. I'm exhausted!!!! But in a good way!!! ;-)


christa said...

They just had that on Y&R last Thurs. Noah gave Sharon and Nikki a coupon book. I used to give my sister a coupon book for Christmas that said I come and work on her garden. I did that for my parents too. I was kind of hoping for Cirie to win but at least she got a car at the end. I loved Jeff's comment about paying taxes after Richard Hatch was arrested for tax evasion.

knoxvilleromancereader said...

Glad you had a good time! I hope your back in my neck of the woods sometime soon!

Debra said...

I'm so happy that I could help y'all find lil 'ol W.F. I believe the correct spelling of the town with the Whataburger is Hicksville. *grin*

Oh, and thanks for the compliment. Wow! (blush) I'm emailing your blog out to everyone I know! (My family's wondering how much I paid ya!)Lol

Margaret Daley said...

I did not yell at you for thirty minutes only five (oh, well maybe ten) minutes. But you all ought to see all the stuff she packs for a one overnight trip. I barely closed my trunk after squashing a few things to do it.


Laura Marie Altom said...
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Laura Marie Altom said...

How fun!! LOTS of company!!!

Christa, seeing how I'm thinking I taped that Y & R episode and Daughter was watching with me, I'm pretty sure she snagged the idea from Noah!!!

I was in the throes of a cleaning battle last night in preparation for the formal after-party when I told Daughter I'd like to use one of my coupons--a whine free Granny Sylv feeding. (Ever since her last hospital stay, she thinks she lives in her room and rarely comes out. She loves when the kids come to visit her!!)

Anyway, Daughter's first coupon wasn't all whine free, but a few hours later, Daughter actually apologized for being grumpy with me!!!! Do I have great kids, or what???

Jeff's Richard comment was hilarious!!!

Christy--I hope I get back to your world soon, too!!! Trust me, as nice as your Marriott resort is, I came darned close to locking myself in me and Winnie's room!!! I'd've happily spent the rest of my days charging room service and watching HBO!!!! ;-)

Debbie!!! Hey, sweetie!!! It's great to *see* you!!!! And now hey, Hicksville was a lovely town!! I have major Wal-Mart envy as all of ours are getting super-sized. Ick. Also, you had an awesome little Goodwill store that looked very intriguing!!

You're welcome for the compliment!! Guys, Debbie has this long, long perfect swirl of dark hair that looks straight off a book cover!!! I'm jealous about that, too!!!! ;-)

Margaret, my love--we might have to go to couples therapy over this issue!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

Laura Marie Altom said...

How funny!!! See where it says all official-like the post has been removed by the author?? Guess I must've hit a wrong button somewhere in the editorial process!!! LOL!!! That sounds so mysterious, making me wonder what kind of great stuff was there that I didn't get to see!!! ;-)

mary beth said...

It was great meeting you and Margaret! Your talk was wonderful. :-)