Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tulsa has vampires!!!

Hannah and Louisa before an Oiler's game!!

After much daughter drama and finally buying Netflix only to watch more buffering than movie, I didn't get around to even trying to go to bed last night until 12:30.  Before reaching the bedroom, Hannah charged up the stairs, proclaiming her friend Louisa had run out of gas and she was going to rescue her.  When she invited me to tag along, I figured why not?  I'm always up for an adventure.

Louisa was stuck across the street from Whataburger near Cherry Street and Lewis.  Since we're way further south than that, I just took Lewis all the way up.  So there's hardly any traffic and lights are green and I'm thinking we're the only people crazy enough to be out this late, right?  WRONG!!! 

We hit Brookside to encounter five cop cars with flashing lights and sidewalks filled with packs of twenty-somethings in tight black dresses and heels high enough to be weapons!!!  For three blocks, people were everywhere--dancing on balconies and on the side of the street.  I had no idea all of this was going on so late.  Were these folks vampires??? 

While I got all excited, looking for drunk people and/or hookers, Hannah rolled her eyes, explaining its always like this--a fact I would know if I stayed up past ten!!  A few blocks later, we once again owned the road.  We found Louisa and put gas in her hot little BMW convertible.  (Yes, I'm jealous!!  LOL!!) 

Hannah declared Louisa more fun than me and I drove home alone, still wondering how so many people willingly stayed up so late??!!  And in spiky heels??!!!  Maybe I've watched too many episodes of True Blood?  Maybe my eyes don't work like they used to?  Either way, I know some of those partiers had fangs!!!  

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Nan C G said...

It's good to know they're everywhere..last time I was in downtown Chicago on a Saturday night, the streets were packed w/ people dressed like 2 am. And there were traffic jams, too. LOL