Thursday, May 26, 2011

I found other fat people!!!

Me on a Death March in St. Thomas.  I puked twenty minutes later!!!!

Those of you who know me understand I'm somewhat gifted in pounds, but also in love!!  LOL!!  In my never-ending search for new weight loss methods, I'm now walking at a 15 degree incline on the treadmill, but for only thirty minutes--I used to force myself for an hour, but it hurt and I quit.  I really like this thirty minute thing, and while I've only been doing it for a little over a week, I do feel better.

That said, my biggest problem at the gym is the other people.  I typically go to Gold's in the afternoon.  On any given day, there will be at least a hundred half-naked Gods and Goddesses strutting their stuff, looking more like they're at the gym to see and be seen than work out.  I'm the token fat, old chick and it's getting on my nerves--which should make me eat less so I can emulate all of them.  But all it really does is make me want to drown my misery in the ooey, gooey warmth of a Big Mac!!!!  (I have, however, valiantly resisted this urge, thank you very much.)

Anyway, I find the presence of so damned many freakishly perfect bodies a tad depressing.  So this morning, when kid-car-usage forced me into going to the gym early, you will understand my glee at finding others of my kind!!!  They were fluffy and had grey hairs and even wore sweats instead of the latest in skin-sucking, neon Lycra!!!!!  From henceforth, I will be going to gym early, because for once, instead of feeling like the perpetual ugly duckling, I walked and sweated amongst swans!!!


Nancy G said...

You're going to the wrong kind of hve to go to the one where all the seniors go..then they'll tell you "You look just fine, honey".

Connor said...

If you come even earlier you can come to my spin class, it's at 5:30 am, but you can have awesome calves!

Laura Marie Altom said...

Thanks, Connor!! I'll for sure check it out!!