Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Uncooperative Son, Dogs & Atlanta!!!

Ahhh . . . The kids' birthday is officially over for another year. Seems like we've been doing something birthday related for weeks--but wait, that's because we have!! LOL!! Yesterday, my folks came over from Arkansas to spend the day with me and the kids. Hubby had to work--probably a good thing!! Daughter was lovely, but son woke at 6:30 AM--a freakishly rare and bizarre thing--expecting piles of gifts, cash and a trip to I-Hop for funnel cake!!! When I nixed that idea, and told him he wasn't opening gifts till his father got home that afternoon, he pouted, then rebounded with a new demand for me to cook a full-on breakfast. This, I did, after which, he went back to bed, leaving me to clean the wreckage of my kitchen that'd previously been sterile in anticipation of Mom & Dad's visit.

Son didn't roll out of bed until around eleven. Then, only because I made Daughter go get him. I asked him to take a shower--no. I informed both kids of our plans to see Superman in 3-D at Imax. Daughter says no. I asked Son again to take a shower and change clothes. (To be ready in a heartbeat to attend impromptu pool parties, Son lives in his fave Abercrombie bathing suit--seriously!! ) A fight erupted between Daughter and Son. Mom and I left to pick up their cake, leaving Dad to referee. When we got back, Son looks at the cake with disdain and says, "Only one cake?" After a couple days earlier having tossed mounds of uneaten individual cakes left from their party, it was all I could do not to throw it at him!!!! LOL!!! Can someone say spoiled rotten????? In hindsight, birthday or not, I should've sent Son sent to his room. Oh well, next time.

It's been HELLISHLY hot here in Tulsa. So hot, we've all become mole people, dashing from air-conditioned tunnel to tunnel, and by this time, Mom, Dad and I were sick of Son's attitude. To stay cool, Mom suggested renting a movie and having pizza delivered. Of course, both kids couldn't decide on a mutual movie, so Son got one, and Daughter got one. Daughter picked The Ringer, so Dad and I watched that with her in the master bedroom, while Son and my mom watched Bad News Bears in the downstairs TV room. (The living room DVD player broke!!) Anyway, in the end, a lovely time was had by all.

Last week, I went nuts, alternately shopping for Atlanta and finishing the anthology partial due Friday. I'm generally happy with it, but fear I've overstated the conflict. I read it for critique and no one seemed to pick up on it, so maybe it's just me. It's funny how different editors you work with like it different ways. Tina Colombo was heavy on the conflict being repeated often. Paula Eykelhof, rarely wanted it stated. My current editor, Jen Green, is in between. The trick is figuring out how to fit with each editor's style, while staying true to your own vision of the story. Apparently, I'm not yet there!!

In fun news . . . Last night, my friend Lynne called and asked if Daughter could attend the Red River Shoot-out in Dallas in October with their daughter. (OU/Longhorn football game.) They're flying and staying at a ritzy place, so it should be great fun!! Also, my boyfriend (Matthew McConaughey) historically attends this game. (He's a Texas fan. Unfortunate, as Razorbacks--like myself--and Texans typically don't mate, but as yummy as he is, I'll forgive him!!!! LOL!!!)

Anyway, while talking about Daughter's fun, Lynne mentioned her mother--a seriously, world-famous portrait photographer whose name I'm totally blanking on--got a kick out of my July book!!! Just so happens, it was dedicated to Lynne and a bunch of other fun folks, so Lynne's been passing it around. Being hard up for excitement of the variety that doesn't involve bad kids or doggy stains on my carpets, I thought this was cool!!!

This week, in between more Atlanta wardrobe prep, though I should get started on edits for my April 2007 book, I've got a paranormal idea I've been itching to play with, so I may mess with that in the afternoon, when it's too hot to shop!!!

Oh--one Atlanta/Gone With the Wind complaint . . . Margaret and I are flying in on Monday, planning to have fun Tuesday, touring antebellum homes. (My Winnie thinks she's going on an educational trip to a firing range, but I'm kidnapping her instead!!) Sounds fun, huh? Only one problem, after searching online for three hours, I've reached the conclusion that Atlanta has no antebellum homes. Grrr. Well, wait, they're plenty of homes, just not mansions. The only historic places I've found are perfectly nice, but not take-your-breath-away gorgeous. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Gone With the Wind specifically mention many, many mansions built specifically for my viewing pleasure?????? LOL!!!!!

PLEASE, if anyone out there knows of freakishly gorgeous Atlanta homes to tour, let me know!!! Otherwise, our one day off will be spent wandering. In the past, where Margaret, Winnie and I are concerned, this may or may not turn out so great--or safe!!!! LOL!!!!


christa said...

I guess now that he figures the birthday is all over he can give attitude again.
Yesterday the cute delivery guy brought my Sept. Americans (nothing makes you go aahh like a guy holding a cute little baby) So anyways back to the cute delivery guy. First he's knocking at the door at like 8:15am, I don't get out of bed until at least 9:30. Then I don't even have my sexy pj's on. (Oh am I kidding, I don't own any sexy pj's LOL)I think a couple of post back we've established that I don't like to shop when I am broke and when it come down to silk and lace or ice cream bars the ice cream bars win. Hence I have ice cream bars in the freezer but no sexy pj's.

chrystal casey said...

Sorry, all I know about Alanta other than the obvious civil war stuff is that Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston live there and are constantly in trouble with the police for traffic violations, etc. Try the Atlanta historical society or Georgia historical society.

christa said...

Praise be to the cover gods. The cover to Daddy Daycare is absolutely adorable. Do we have to share our ice cream bars or do you think they prefer something more god-like? Mint Kit Kats aren't available yet.

Lynne said...

Laura, you could do a lot worse than the Swan House, which is the centerpiece of the Atlanta History Center. I've lived in Georgia all my life, and I'm only just now about to visit it. If I think of any other places that'd be good to visit, I'll send you a link.

Laura Marie Altom said...

Christa--seeing how you have cute delivery guys in your neighborhood, and you're a swinging single, with your next bit of cash, you're honor-bound to run out and buy sexy PJs!!!! LOL!!! On your first date, you could have him bring the ice cream bars!!

I had a Drumstick tonight--YUM!!!

Mint Kit Kats . . . Double YUM!!!!

As for Daddy Daycare, isn't he GORGEOUS??? Who cares about that baby?? LOL!!!

Chrystal--I'm howling at the Bobby/Whitney comment. On a serious note, she had such an amazing gift. Makes me sad she's no longer singing. (That I know of.)

Lynne--great minds think alike!! We're going to the Swan House!! My Winnie's onboard with the kidnapping plan, so we're all set to spend the day at the history center.

Are you going to RWA?

Lynne said...

Yes, I'll be there! Looking forward to it.

Laura Marie Altom said...

Cool, Lynne!! If you see me, wave. I'll be looking for you!!!

Travel safe!!