Sunday, July 02, 2006

Ghost Addendum!!!!!!! :-O

OH MY GOD!!!!!!! Okay, so I'm sitting here commenting on all the ghost comments, thinking, boy I'm glad the d*mn thing went away, when an empty pop can on my desk wobbles back and forth!!!!!!!! I've got chills!!!! There's a fan on, but even when I aim it directly at the can, it won't wobble. Also, I tried shaking my desk, and it won't wobble. (I mean like teetering back and forth, making a chirpy little clang!!!)


I'm going to hide in the dining room, which doesn't suddenly sound too bad!!!! LOL!!!!


chrystal casey said...

This ghost is messin' with you guys. It would creep me out too.

Laura Marie Altom said...

I know it's messin' with us!! It's a bad, bad ghost!!! LOL!!!

Save for one incident with Hubby, all's been quiet. He was home alone with the house stone silent when I-Tunes on the computer popped on, blaring.

I'm glad it didn't happen to me!!!