Thursday, July 20, 2006

Three More Days . . .

Oh, the trauma!! To acrylic nail, or not??? It must be almost time for RWA, as any other time of the year my nails always look like crap and I don't care!!!! LOL!!! Seriously, as I haven't been getting any writing done this week, I have been pondering the issue of what to do with my nails.

I've seen so many pretty, pretty French manicure acrylics lately, I'm wanting some. Trouble is, I've got a TON of writing projects due in not a lot of time, and if the nails turn out too long, I'm afraid I'll have trouble working on my laptop. Thursday's my only booked day in Atlanta, and Margaret and my Winnie will no doubt be busy little responsible, workshop-attending beavers the whole week, abandoning me all alone in the room with the room service menu, so I figure while I'm eating, I also might as well be working. Another potential pitfall to acrylics, is what to do with them after I get home?? Am I willing to take the time out to get them filled? I had them once, and was so tired of sitting in the salon every week, I learned how to do them myself. But it's a hassle even worse than sitting and letting someone else apply them!!! Ahh . . . How lucky am I to have such minor trouble, huh?

On the kid front, Son has finally gotten grounded. He's a freakishly social creature, while Hubby and I are cave-dwelling hermits!! Son LOVES sleepovers, but is seriously bad about going from the house he's supposed to be at, to the pool, or I-Hop, or another friend's house, etc. without letting me know. Nothing sets me off faster than calling him on his cell, only to get his voice mail. Nothing, that is, other than driving 20 minutes in 105 degree heat to fetch him, only to have him not be there!!!!! This happened today, and he says he and his friend were wrestling with the friend's little brother and they didn't hear the doorbell. Or the phone? Funny how if my name were Carrie, Cassie, Kelly, Kimmy, etc., and I weighed 100lbs soaking wet, he has no problem answering the phone!!! GRRRR!!

Anyway, his phone's mine for a week. His next offense? While Hubby and I took Daughter to tumbling, he was supposed to have taped Big Brother. He forgot. This wouldn't be such a big deal, but he's forgetting a lot, lately. One day last week, he was being generously paid to feed Granny Sylv lunch, when he forgot that, too. Double Grrr. As there are a few other infractions, he's now lost all electronics and sleepovers for a while, and is pouting in his room.

Daughter's boyfriend's leaving on a week-long cruise, then spending another week in Florida, so she's also pouting--which is why I have the computer all to myself at 10:30 at night!!! LOL!!!

In other conference prep news, I get my hair done tomorrow, but the hair dresser's mad at me. She called at 3:30 today, asking where I was. I said, "Home." She said, "You're supposed to be here for your appointment." Huh? My appointment was for Friday at 3. She says in a grumpity tone that the receptionist must've written it down wrong. I'm now being squeezed in with an elderly woman's wash, curl and fluff. If I show up in Atlanta with an orange poodle perm, you'll know what happened!!!!


christa said...

I found son's cell phone very weird. I call him but he doesn't aswer but a couple of minutes later he will call back and have some excuse like he was in the shower or on the bus. It makes me wonder if he is screening calls.
A couple of weeks ago we were in Chapters (Canada's version of B&N) My stepmother said he wanted to get something. He said he was going to the Fairveiw Mall (the mall that Chapters is in) but my stepmother couldn't find him and ended up calling him on his cel. He was over at his ex-girlfried's house and said he would be right over. (luckily she only lives about 2 minutes away.
So anyways yesterday I was sitting outside. I have this lounger outside on my balcony so I can sit out there and read. I reach over to get my phone and the next thing I know the chair broke and I'm pretty much sitting on the floor. Do you think the chair was trying to tell me to lay off the ice cream bars? I think it was trying to tell me to get a better chair. How come my son can eat like more than 5 ice cream bars and his jeans are still at his hips. (oh yeah he gets them 3 sizes too big)
Ok i'm done ranting, back to my book.
So let me get this straight, you'll be an orange poodled permed, naked author who may or may not have nails running around Atlanta looking for historic homes.
Have fun in Atlanta.

christa said...

BTW, my son has a summer job at a 7-11(convience store open 24 hours) He works the night shift from 11pm to 7am(Now he has an excuse for sleeping late). He is spending the summer with my brother in Burlington(about an hour away)

Laura Marie Altom said...

Christa--I'm glad I'm not the only one being cell phone dissed by my son!! LOL!!!

Hugs on your chair catstrophe--glad you're all right!!

And yes--your appraisal of me is right on the money--only I don't have tight curls!! I'm more in the range of the Little Dutch Boy, paint company mascot!!! Blech!!

But my nails look great!!

Maybe we need late night jobs? then we could sleep, too???