Sunday, July 23, 2006

Butchered Hair & Snoring!!!

Well, finally, the last pair of shoes are packed and I should be sleeping, as the alarm is set for 3:45. Alas, Hubby's snoring REALLY loud, so I'm up, too excited to sleep!!

What an AWFUL time it's been, though, to get to here. Remember how I was joking about my hairstylist being mad at me? Famous last words. I gut butchered!!! My hair was well past my shoulders, and is now above my ears!!! Not only that, but it's crooked!! And onIy curls under, when I flip it up!! I called the salon owner to get a new cut, but she said I'd have to pay $40 for it, as each of the stylists are independent contractors. GRRRRR. $115, and I'm miserable. This morning, I took matters into my own hands and snipped two-inch chunks off the bottom where it stuck out past the shortest part. Once I finished that, it was obvious that the left side was shorter than the right.

This afternoon, in between shopping for toiletries and a last ditch attempt at a new bathing suit cover-up (non-existent in this town!!), I got a fresh cut at a mall salon. After fooling with it myself, I still think it's a tad crooked, but better.

I tried making new business cards, only the template didn't fit the design, so they'll all have to be hand cut. Of course, after one sheet, I ran out of ink, so a cheap, thirty minute project ended up costing just over a hundred bucks and three hours. Double GRRR!!! LOL!!!

Anyway, I think I've got everything handled now--knock on wood!! Hopped out of bed the first time to launch a mad search for my badge pins!!! Important stuff, you know!!!

This afternoon we went to see Lady in the Water. BIG disappointment. It was okay, just didn't match up to the hype. Margaret was wanting to see My Ex-Superhero Girlfriend, and I wish we'd done that instead!!!

I suppose I should get back to at least trying to sleep. To those of you I'll soon see, can't wait!!! To those of you stuck home, if I manage to get my laptop hooked up to the web, I'll try posting at least a couple times to catch you up on any fun gossip!!! Safe travels!!! ;-)

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