Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!

We're having low key celebration this year. Son #2 has to work an eight-hour shift sacking groceries, and Mom and Dad said they're tired after their return trip from the Bahamas and didn't feel like making the two-hour drive to Tulsa. Hubby and I are still cooking up a storm, though. Plenty of ham, baked beans and cheezzzy potatoes!! We made Granny Sylv an Easter basket, and will go see her soon.

Monday night, Daughter was running from being tickled when she ran right into a wall!! She complained about it hurting pretty bad, so we took her to the emergency room and after x-rays discovered she has an AC separation on her left shoulder, which is a fancy term for she tore the ligament from her bone. I spent a huge majority of the week taking her around to various doctors. Poor thing is in a shoulder-harness-immobilizer-thingee, and is still in a lot of pain. Her pain medicine made her throw-up, so she's just having to suck it up pain-wise.

Compounding the problem, is the fact that cheerleading tryouts for the coming year are next week!! Her orthopedic specialist said he wasn't prepared to make a prediction on whether or not she'd be able to even move her arm--let alone tumble--until this week. I'll keep you posted on how this turns out.

Like we hadn't already had enough fun earlier in the week, Hubby was grabbing something out of the car Thursday night, when he hollered for all us to come. Why? Because we had a tarantula on the driveway!!! AGGHH!!!

On the writing front, I just finished a flurry of mini-revisions and the last round of page proof edits for my September book, Dancing With Dalton. My latest project is due May 1st, so this week--barring unforeseen kid trauma--I'm hoping to lock myself in my office and write, write, write!!!

In the mean time, however, I'm off to make potato salad! YUM!!


christa said...

We had a pretty low key Easter too. We went to my sister and bil's on Sat. for dinner. My bil got a new flat screen monitor so I am getting a bigger screen. The screen is about twice as big as mine now (mine is about the size of a laptop. No wonder i don't like reading on-line reads) The only problem with that monitor is that it has a huge bum. I told my friends that they better organize the room they want to use as a office and bring their computer up because I need my desk.
Hope the daughters is healed enough for tryouts.

Laura Marie Altom said...

Hey Christa!!! I'm still laughing over the fact that your new TV has a big bum!! Love it!! All of our TVs have *junk in the trunk* as well. A fact which mortifies our kids!! ;-)

Christa said...

My friends gave me a desk as a present for stuff I have been doing for them like dog sitting, cooking, playing secretary (check their email, bids on ebay). This desk looks large enough to hold the computer monitor with the big bum. Squeal. So yesterday I spent 4 hours moving furniture around the living room. Today there were some things I didn't like so move stuff again (this time only a love seat, Laz-e-boy, achest that I keep woolen blankets in and a dvd/vhs rack)I think I'm happy, maybe.
And it looks like in a day or two I can start on Summer Lovin'. Double squeal.