Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have a dirty secret to confess . . . I'm addicted to stickers!!!!! Any of you who know me (or have been checking in to my blog with any frequency), accept the fact that I'm horribly date challenged. I'm flawlessly punctual--assuming I know the date I'm supposed to do something. But more often than not, I need reminding.

Enter stickers. I've been breakfasting with my writer gals Karen Crane who writes as Karen Toller Whittenburg and Amy Lillard who's a soon to be writing star!! Anyway, Amy's incredibly organized, and has a darling planning book that she decorates with stickers. It's gorgeous!! I was so jealous!!! Anyway, long story short, I now have my own sticker book--ahm planner --and no longer need reminder calls about every little thing!!!

What got me on the topic this morning, is that Daughter and I went out last night for *bling* to decorate her new dresser with--long story--and wound up at the dollar store (don't you just love those?? ) I found Barbie stickers, My Little Pony, and even fabulous iridescent fairy stickers!! I've already been playing with them, even though Hubby shot me a dirty look for purchasing a cute binder to store them all in.

In other news, my anthology that's due May 1st is coming along nicely. Daughter's shoulder's healing well, but she found out she needs glasses. I didn't figure she'd even wear them, but we bought her a pair of Coach glasses (with the matching Coach case, of course), and now she wears them all the time! Yay!! She just got her grade check for cheer tryouts, and she's doing MUCH better in class, so they must be working!!

There's not much news with any of the boys. Hubby's been behaving (aside from his sticker grumbling! ), Son #1 is so smitten with his new girlfriend that he's always in a great mood, and Son #2 has been helping me redecorate the downstairs. We had to plaster the walls in the bathroom, which turned out to be tougher than I thought, but seriously cute!! I've got to get one of the kids to take pics. Why can't I do it, you ask? Hey--I finally learned how to write down a date, but no way have I figured out how to work the digital camera!!! LOL!! (This pic is of Son #1 and his girlfriend. Aren't they cute??!!)


Christa said...

I really like dollar stores too but the one closest to my house (the one I can walk to) look really disorganized. There are boxes constantly in the aisles so some aisle it's impossible to go down. I was there at the beginning of Dec. and they had a lot of Christmas stuff but between the boxes, carts, and displays in the aisles it was impossible to move anywhere. I walked in, saw the chaos and walked back out. definetly not a handicap friendly place. I would also think it's not a good place for small children.

Laura Marie Altom said...

Our dollar stores are generally pretty clean. We stumbled across one around Easter that's a five dollar store!! It was hillarious seeing what's deemed worthy of five bucks versus one!!