Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mixed reviews . . .

Saturday morning, Hubby and I took Granny Sylv to the nursing home. She's been there before on short stays, and all the workers fuss over her, so she was happy.

From there, we took Daughter to her first beauty pageant. She looked gorgeous, had a ball, won Prettiest Smile and a sparkly crown she rarely removes!! Daughter's happy.
Sunday, we rearranged furniture and deep-cleaned Granny Sylv's room, as Daughter's moving in there. The eeeuuw-factor was off the charts. We found lots of very odd things I won't get into, and while I painted, poor Hubby scrubbed.

Okay, so Monday morning comes, and after doing carpool, I arrive back home where I should've gotten a ton of writing done. I should've been happy. I had no breakfast to prepare, no bath to run, etc., yet I felt frozen. After staring at the computer, waiting for the words to come, I finally gave up and cleaned the kitchen. Hubby and I did lunch, but ended up bickering.

We went to the nursing home around six to drop off papers and have a quick visit, and we found Granny Sylv glowing with happiness. She kept saying over and over how this was the best place she'd ever been in her whole life. Patsy--her main caregiver--is a sweetie, and dotes on all of the folks in her charge.

I thought I'd wake this morning feeling great and ready to write, but I have to drive Son #2's Christmas kitten about thirty minutes North to get spayed and declawed. We adopted her from a shelter up there, so the vet services were included in the adoption fee. How cute is this pic of Foxy napping on my desk?!

I'm hoping at some point during the drive, I'll figure out what's bugging me!! If there are any armchair psychiatrists out there--or real ones--who have ideas as to what's wrong, please feel free to chime in!!


christa said...

Glad Granny Sylv is happy.
Daughter looks gorgeous. You done good.

Laura Marie Altom said...

Thanks, Christa!!!

We've seen Granny Sylv a couple of times this week, and she looks great! We're thinking she must've missed being around people her own age.