Friday, October 16, 2009

QT Coffee Should Come With a Warning Label!!

Having literally been up ALL night, I'm more than a little out of it. Around 8:30 last night, Hubby announced he was making a Diet Pepsi and ice run and asked if I wanted to ride along. Seeing how I had nothing better to do than the edits I seriously needed to be working on, I was all about procrastination!! At QT (Quik Trip, Oklahoma's version of 7-11), we were bombarded by a junk food cornucopia that I fought valiantly to resist!! The coffee smelled wonderful, so I went for that, figuring that something warm and rich would get my mind off of the donuts, chili-cheese Frito's and hot dogs!! (This pic is of son, Terry, looking as sleepy as I feel!)

I'm wired very strangely in that caffeine has always had a backwards effect on me. I loaded my steaming Styrofoam cup with cream and Splenda and happily trailed hubby to the counter, proud of myself for having resisted the plethora of temptation!!

I drank the whole 20oz by 9:30 and was working up a storm. By 3:30AM, I'd done 15 new pages!! I tried going to bed at least four times, but each time I touched my head to my fave pillow, my eyes popped open. Seeing how Cocoa and Daisy sleep with me, and Cocoa needs lifting, getting in and out of bed is a lengthy process. Finally, I just gave up. The poor dogs were exhausted, eyeing me with accusatory doggy stares for messing up their full night's rest!

So here I sit, needing to write more, pay the electric and gas bills, do laundry, cram something into my growling stomach and yet I'm so tired all I can think is that I need to never, ever again drink QT coffee!!! Happy Friday . . . Me and the dogs are headed back to bed!!

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