Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Daughters are Dangerous!

Monday was Senior Skip Day here in our fair town. I'm not sure if this was a school-sanctioned thing--I'm guessing not--but when crisp sunny weather and the Tulsa State Fair come to town, come on, who can stand being indoors?

Long story short, Daughter and her best friend set off for the magical land of fried Snickers and pickles and I and my dog posse settled in for a nice, quiet day of writing. Then I got an e-mail. Not just any e-mail, but one containing nothing but a giant picture. Think pink satin and sparkles and crystals as big as my thumb! Next, comes the phone call . . .



"Did you get my e-mail?"

"Yes . . ."

"Aren't they gorgeous? Like the most awesome shoes EVER!!!!!!!"

"Um, they are very pretty, sweetie, but exactly how pretty in monetary form?"

"Compared to last year's Holly Ball shoes, they're CHEAP!!! Like you won't believe how cheap. Please, Mommy? Please put money in my account? I love you . . ."

I look at the picture, envision my precious cupcake of a child on a day when she does the dishes AND cleans the cat box without whining, and you guessed it. My resolve to ween her from all things sparkly crumpled like the old McDonald's bag I'd found under her bed that morning.

"Please, Mommy! I promise I'll even mow the lawn when I get home."

Uh huh. Just like I promise not to eat cookies or ice cream for the next month! Yes, she got the shoes and they are scrumptious, and next time I will be strong and just say no--to the shoes and the cookies! Lucky for me, I'll have a whole year to practice before the fair comes around again! As for the lawn, what girl in her right mind would mow in hot-pink satin, diamond-encrusted shoes?!?!

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