Sunday, August 13, 2006

Scary, Fun & Wacky News!!!!!

Yikes--I think I liked it better around here with no news!!!

Starting with the scary, yesterday morning, Hubby and I got home from taking my edits to Fed-Ex to find that Cocoa had dumped the trash. No big deal, right? She does it a couple times a day!!! Well, Son and his pal had eaten turkey legs the night before (it's a guy thing--makes them feel medieval to chow on them while immersed in a video game they play!!). The busy day wound on--more about that
later--and Daughter and I were recovering from heat stroke, watching Overboard, when we noticed Cocoa breathing funny.

We watched her for about an hour, and when it didn't get better, and her stomach now seemed swollen and tender, we took her to a vet. Figures, our regular vet didn't answer their emergency number, so at six on Saturday night, we scrambled to find one!! Turns out my poor baby has pancreatitus (sp?) from eating too much turkey!!! She has a fever, and is having to be hospitalized and put on an IV till sometime on Monday!!!!!

Pet ailments are like a double whammy emotionally, because not only are you sad to see your baby sick, but sick over how much treatment is going to cost. Luckily, the vet assured us she'll be fine, but last night wasn't much fun without her. She's literally my shadow, so not having her constantly by me is disconcerting and blah.

Okay, on to fun news . . . Part of the reason we were so busy yesterday is that Daughter had her first Varsity football scrimmage to cheer at!! One of the crazier parts of the event, was when the football players played bowling with the cheerleaders and plowed down a pyramid!!! The scene was captured on local TV!!! Luckily, no one got hurt, and Daughter got great coverage, gasping as the trauma unfolded!! I taped it for posterity!!

She's stressed over their next performance--putting on a mini-show for Thursday night's 9th grade orientation!! Someone please remind me to find a red satun hair ribbon by then!! Usually, bows are ordered as a squad, and are big, fancy affairs, but I guess in high school, bows are more low key. Anyway, I hope she and the squad do great in front of her peers!! I especially hope they don't get *bowled* over again soon!!!

Moving on to wacky news . . . This report also involves Daughter. Her longtime boyfriend is moving to a town about thirty minutes northeast of here. (This is the same guy who bought her the Tiffany's necklace for her birthday.) Thursday night--10:00--I was laying in bed, certain I was having a heart attack (I still feel wretched, but wasn't able to get a doctor's appt. Friday), Daughter runs into our room, shrieking "Mom--you'll never guess what Boyfriend just said!" She rambled on about how they'd been in a fight, and she'd commented she never got to see him, when he says, he'll be right over!!

I rolled my eyes and said, no, he won't, but if he did, I'd take him straight home. He lives at least three miles from here, and would have to travel some fairly busy streets. Not only that, but we're under our first thunderstorm warning in months, and the wind was blowing like crazy!! She danced off to call a girlfriends, and I continued watching Seinfeld and hoping I wasn't dying!!!

Twenty minutes later, I hear the security bell chime on the front door. Figuring it's Hubby communing with the storm, I didn't think much about it. It chimes again. And again. A few minutes later, Son comes running in. "Mom, Mom! Sister's down the street with Boyfriend! I bet they're kissing!" Swell.

I added a bra and sneakers to my PJs, snatch up the car keys, then head out into the night. I'm not sure where Hubby was during all of this. I'm thinking downstairs, practicing guitar. Probably, just as well.

I find Daughter and Boyfriend, sitting in an empty field near the house--no kissing going on. They looked sweet, but my parent-alarm was going nuts!!! With Son in the front seat beside me, thrilled to have Sister in the hot seat (usually, it's him), I hollered out my window for the two lovebirds to get in the car. Underway, I asked Boyfriend if his parents knew where he was. He said, no, they were at a lodge meeting, but his brother did. He'd asked permission, and the 17 year old brother endorsed the mission. Double swell.

Just because I felt someone needed to, I lectured him on the dangers of skateboarding across town at ten at night, during an approaching storm. He said he skateboarded all the time, and didn't think it'd been any big deal. Excuse me, but I thought it'd been a VERY big deal, and if it'd been one of my kids, they'd now be in Mom Jail.

I got home to find Hubby in bed. He opened one eye, then asked, "Where've you been?"

I was going to share the events of RWA Friday, but after rehashing the last three days, I'm exhausted--and hoping things calm down in a relaxing way!!!


Margaret Daley said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. Hope you are feeling better soon. I tried to get into the doctor myself on Friday. She wasn't in. Must be something going around.


christa said...

The racoons always go through my brother's garbage. While I was staying up there every morning the garbage trailed down the driveway. My brother put up a motion light but it only detoirated(sp?) for a while. My sister has one of those garbage cans where the lid kinda screws in place and the handles kind of keep it secure too. This has really kept them out. For their recycleables they have one of those half sheds.

About 2 days after you comments about going to Ikea, I got one their catalogs. How's that for coincidence?

Brandi said...

Hope Cocoa is doing better. I’d be lost too with out my Shelby. She may pester me at times, but without her, I’d probably be lost.

Hope you are feeling better as well and it’s nothing serious.

If the boyfriend had been one of mine, he would've been in Mom jail for sure.

Laura Marie Altom said...

Margaret--Thanks for the doggy hugs!! Glad you're finally feeling better!!

Christa--We used to have a raccoon that sat on our kitchen windowsill. We'd put food out to watch him!! LOL!! Glad your brother finally foiled his crafty coons!! We're still trying to stop Cocoa's bad trash habit!!

I'm soooo jealous of your IKEA catalogue!!!

Brandi--Sounds like your Shelby's a sweetie!!! Thanks for your doggy hugs, too!!

I'm feeling great--just overwhelmed. Good thing I didn't go to the docotr, as I'll need the cash for the tree!!

As for the boyfriend, he walked over again yesterday to see Daughter's haircut. Luckily, it was daytime, and his big brother later picked him up!!

Where to do you live?? Maybe we could build a group Mom Jail, and just round up all the bad kids?? LOL!!!