Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Just When You Think Things Can't Get Worse . . .

Well, one crisis averted, only to get slammed with another!!! Cocoa's home, healthy, and feisty as ever. Hubby devised an anti-tipping gizmo for the trash can, but Son sat down on the floor with her, and showed her how head-butting it in just the right place now tips it even easier than it used to!! Hmm . . . wonder if there's any way to get Son sent to college early--and take the dog with him?? LOL!!

After narrowly surviving family angst too icky to get into Monday & Tuesday, Hubby and I were out drowning our sorrows in vodka and a split cheeseburger, when Daughter calls Hubby's cell. "OH MY GAWD," she screeches. "HAVE YOU SEEN THE BIG TREE IN THE BACKYARD??!!"

As a matter of fact, yeah, I'd just seen it a few hours earlier, hauling laundry up the stairs, and it was fine. This oak is ancient and MASSIVE and the showcase of our backyard. It's on the pond bank, and our pride-and-joy cushioned swing sits in this gorgeous tree's dappled shade.

Long story short, the tree is gone. I guess rain from the previous night's storm must've weakened it, then an ant colony in the core finished it off. Fallen, it stretches half-way across the duck pond, and obliterated the swing.

After shelling out $400 for Cocoa's vet bill, I shudder to think what this will cost to have removed. I'm guessing $1000--at least. The branches are thicker than Hubby's chainsaw blade is long. The trunk's easily half a VW Bug!!! Our babies are wanting to go school shopping, but judging by the Altom Calamity Meter, they'll be sporting the latest in Adam and Eve Leaf-Wear!!!! Ugh. I'm just sick, sick, sick.

Meanwhile, more edits--this time on my April book, are making me even sicker. Fortunately, health-wise, I'm much better. Margaret and I were commiserating last night on a variety of topics, and turns out she had the same symptoms I did. Chest pain, sweaty, tired and blah. Seeing how we both came down with this mystery ailment Thursday--the day after our lunch and movie outing, we're thinking it must've been some bizarre food poisoning.

I do have some happy news--alas, not for me, but Margaret, so I'll borrow it!!! She just got a new, three book deal from Steeple Hill!!!!! YAAAAAYYY, MARGARET!!!!


christa said...

So glad Cocoa is doing better and your ailment wasn't anything serious.
Last night I went to Wal-mart with my neice and step mother. For just 3 outfits, a binder and notebook for my neice it came to about $100, I think my son will be joining that Adam and Eve look. I think it could start a fashion trend.
My son and step mother went to the college yesterday and got his schedule plus a tentetive book list, I say tentetive because they only gave him his schedule and they went to the book store to figure out what books he needed, grand total for the books will be over $600. (That Adam and Eve look is sounding better)

Yay Margaret.

knoxvilleromancereader said...

Glad doggie is better, maybe you can use a rolled up newspaper on son!

As far as the Adam and Eve look well I'd have to use the whole bush one leaf wouldn't do it!

Wow Christa $600 for books, wonder if they have any of them on or somewhere like that

Danica/Dream said...

Why not have a big bonfire in the backyard? You coud use the tree and have s'mores. You know you want to...

christa said...

Yesterday we went to the college to acually see what books he needed. I don't think I can get alot of them at A lot of them are new or only 1 or 2 years old or revised recently or they have been put together by the college based on the course cirriculum(sp?). His math book is a work book and includes the stuff that they will be doing in class pretaining to Hort. I took Horticultural Techician 5 years ago and he is taking Landscape Technician. a lot of the classes are the same. I have 1 book that is the same. Luckily it is the one for $150.
Laura, my step mother has a 8 year old granddaughter and then my son, 18.(The other two granddaughters she doesn't see as often cause they live about an hour and a half away) Who is easier/cheaper to buy back to school stuff for?

chrystal casey said...

The tree will cost you. My mom had one removed from her yard that had been hit by lightening and wasn't nearly as big as yours sounds and it was $500. I am sorry about your swing and the death of your tree. That is awful.

christa said...

So yesterday my sister came down and bought my son's books for him.
$400 later she told him "That was your birthday present....and Christmas present. and guess whose yard you're going to be doing for a long time."

Laura Marie Altom said...

How fun!! Company stopped by to visit while I was gone!!

Thanks to all of you chiming in with well-wishes for Cocoa!! She's much better, and I'm happy to report she hasn't dumped the trash since Hubby rigged up the bungee-cord-anti-trash-dumping-system!!

Christy--LOL to your leaf comment!! I'm in the same boat, only I'm thinking I need the whole tree to cover me!! LOL!!

Dream--Dang, girl, how is it you know me so well??? I suggested to Hubby that we torch the stupid thing. As usual, he had to be reasonable. I just hate that quality in a man!!! LOL!!

I thought of you yesterday, while unwrapping my fab IKEA magazine holders!! I wanna go shopping again right now!!!

Christa--I feel for you with the clothes and books. Daughter just announced she needs an $80 dollar calculator!!! I didn't need one that expensive in college!!!!

Sounds like you at least got some great textbook deals online. Plus, it was VERY sweet of your sister to help him out!! How's your son liking college? Is he settling in okay? Hope so!!

Chrystal--we had tree quotes all the way up to $2500 bucks!!!! It was at that point that I fired up the troops, and told them to get their butts to the backyard. Momma needs a new desk chair, far more than she needs to spend $2500 on chopping a tree!!

We got probably half out, but the worst is left to go. When Hubby gets back, we're renting a chipper/shredder, then tackling the rest. We'll have to hire someone for the stump, but I'm hoping that'll only be a couple hundred.

This'll sound crazy, but I LOVE playing with the electric chainsaw!!! I wouldn't give anyone else a turn!!! LOL!!!

christa said...

Son doesn't start college until Sept. 5. My brother said he wanted to help in the book department too (Son didn't mention this until after the books were bought) We told him that we are sure that there will be other things he will need.

Laura Marie Altom said...

Oh, Christa, you can guarantee your son's going to need lots more $$$ for something!! LOL!!