Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm Banning Myself from Disney!

Since so many sweet friends and readers have been kind enough to ask how I'm feeling, after yesterday's--I hope--final diagnosis, I just had to share.  In the past two weeks, I've been poked, prodded, and sucked by blood-drawing vampires all with no results.  I'm fine, my doctor's nurse kept calling to say.  In the meantime, whenever I strayed so much as five feet from my big green chair I started hurting.

My bestie Margaret is super smart and a tad bossy (in a loving way ), and told me to stop talking to the nurse and make another doctor appointment.  I did.  And we talked and talked and talked about possible causes for this mystery pain.  She carefully palpated my upper right quadrant.  (How's that for fancy med talk?!?!)  It hurt MORE!!!!!

She sat on her rolling stool, crossed her arms and confessed, "Laura, I've got to tell you, I'm stumped."  We talked more and she asked if I've been lifting anything heavy or been hit in that area.  Since I reported the pain started during my California trip, she wanted me to try remembering any kind of bodily trauma I might've suffered . . .

Our entire room's adverse reaction to Friday night's Bananas Foster aside, I did remember an awful lot of motion sickness at Disneyland.

The famous Teacup ride would've sent me to the hospital with nausea!!  LOL!! Brave and fab authors, Margaret Daley, Camy Tang, Danica Favorite, and Caroline A. Godin appointed me official photographer!!
Even with Dramamine, Space Mountain made me want to hurl.  Me and the Matterhorn didn't have such a great time, either.  It's a roller coaster with a fairly violent whipping action.  When we finally--thank you, Jesus--climbed off of this torture device masquerading as fun,  I remember telling Margaret I felt like I broke my back.  The ride HURT.  I took some Advil, more Dramamine and went on with our day.

The dangerous, Matterhorn . . .
Back to yesterday, I described to the doctor how the ride's safety bar hit me right where my pain is.  She shook her head and faintly smiled.  Then tells me she suspects I broke or bruised a rib, and since the tests haven't been looking for anything like that, it never showed up.  She said these kinds of things take a loooong time to heal, but gave me steroids, explaining that if this is what's causing the pain, I should start feeling better very soon.

My favorite ride--It's a Small World!!!
While I'm thrilled for this downright "Goofy" diagnosis--ha ha, get my Disney humor?!--I'm miffed we canceled our trip when odds are I'll be fine by the time we'd have left.  Sigh.


liztalley said...

Oh, poor Laura Marie. I'm so sorry you're hurt.

I gotta tell you, that Matterhorn, not fun. It hurt me, too, and felt more like a midway ride than a Disney ride. They need to do some work on that thing - put shocks in or something.

I hope you are better soon. I can certainly see why you're still feeling the affects. Hugs to you.

Amanda Renée said...

Space Mountain got ahold of my mom and I one year and did some damage. Now I'm chicken when it comes to ride.

I hope you feel better soon!

Laura Marie Altom said...

Thanks, sweetie!! I'm feeling that hug!!

So if the ride hurt you, too, I wonder how many other people are getting hurt on that thing?! Scary!!

Laura Marie Altom said...

Amanda--I was sick from Space Mountain for a while in Orlando, so in CA, I took Dramamine an hour before riding--still got sick!!

You, your mom and me (I? hate that grammar rule!!) can all be chickens together!! :-)

Lenora said...

Thus is why Elnora does not ride strange machines. A convertible with the top down,yes. Things that go bump in the air, no!! Feel better soon!!