Sunday, August 14, 2011

Still stuck on the couch instead of my big, green chair!!

In the hospital, my toes were the only thing looking good!!

Where to start . . . Right after returning from NYC, I finally went to the doctor about a nagging stomachache that'd been dogging me for a few weeks. My doctor ordered a gazillion tests, most of which came back fine. Meanwhile, my formerly nagging tummy was now screaming!! Weeks and more tests passed and I had surprise gallstone surgery. I was actually pretty pleased about this, as now that I finally knew what was wrong, I could finally get back to living instead of frowning on the couch!! The surgery was a great success and soon I was back on my couch, only with the promise that in a matter of days I'd be mostly back to normal. Hubby was a fantastic nurse and my dogs even managed to stay off the worst of my ouchies!!

Fast forward a week and I'm off pain meds and guess what's back? My original stomachache!! Screaming louder than ever!! Grrr. Meanwhile, Hubby landed an amazing new job, which is great, but the downside is a transition in health insurance. Do we even have it? Once we got documentation proving we're insured, back to the doctor I went, and next week I'm all set up for a flurry of new tests with a new specialist. Yay!!

Daisy pouting when I wouldn't let her sleep on my tummy!

Until then, I'm still on the sofa instead of my big green chair. Seeing friends for a few hours at a baby shower yesterday reminded me how much I'm missing my usual life. Being upright for three hours might as well have been running a marathon. I went straight home to sleep. So far, the only good thing to come of all this is losing a few pounds, but as a diet expert, I know there are far easier ways to diet!! LOL!!

Have any of you had a mystery illness? If so, if you don't mind my asking, did it ever get fixed? I could really use a happy ending about now!!

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